Capricron- Krystle In Bed

Capricorn | In Bed with Air Signs

Capricorns are known to be pretty practical people. They like to plan and organize their lives, and partners may find them scheduling their sex life. While some may view them as pretty dull, they will be surprised by their high sexual energy, if they can stick around long enough to end up in bed with … Continue reading Capricorn | In Bed with Air Signs

In Bed With Virgo

Virgo season is now in session, and we'll be exploring what they are like in bed with the different elements for the next four weeks. Virgos are categorized with the earth element of the zodiac signs and reign from August 23-Sept 23. In and outside the bedroom Virgos strive for perfection, and can be technical … Continue reading In Bed With Virgo

Aries: In Bed With Water Sign

Aries, the Ram, encourages individuals. They can be one of the sweetest people you know. They are usually leaders and pioneers, with no time for clinginess in a relationship. An Aries in bed with an emotional water sign would seem to be an intense affair. Let’s see how it goes below:   Cancer: Sensitive, submissive, … Continue reading Aries: In Bed With Water Sign