Capricron- Krystle In Bed

Capricorn in Bed with Earth Signs

Capricorns are animals in the bedroom and are said to be the fire of the earth signs due to their diligent approach to life. While some may find the zodiac sign to be intense, they are quite the romantic behind closed doors. To turn this zodiac on, a potential partner needs to know/understand how to … Continue reading Capricorn in Bed with Earth Signs

Capricron- Krystle In Bed

In Bed With A Capricorn

Hardworking, determined, reserved Capricorn tend to surprise their partners in bed. In the sheets, this Earth sign wants to let go and experience the release of oxytocin after a wonderous pleasure fulfilled orgasm. If you find yourself in bed with a Capricorn, keep in my they are always on a schedule, and every touch, kiss, … Continue reading In Bed With A Capricorn


Libra | In Bed With Earth Signs

Libra's are known as the sign of balance since they have a symbol of a scale. While this earth sign is balancing out their peers, they are also known as masters in the bedroom. The Libra aims to please their partner romantically by opening up their minds before they explore the body. The air sign … Continue reading Libra | In Bed With Earth Signs

Virgo| In Bed With Earth Signs

Virgos are witty, adventurous, and determined. To get in bed with one they must trust their partner and be able to hold a conversation with them, as well as explore the great outdoors. The earth sign is the perfectionist of the element, so their partner must be able to stand up to them. Virgo's also … Continue reading Virgo| In Bed With Earth Signs

Cancer: In Bed With Earth Signs

The water element, zodiac sign Cancer is driven by emotion. Cancers are intuitive, sympathetic, and loyal people. These traits work well for people who are born under a zodiac sign with an earth element. A Cancer’s way of being dominate or submissive can possibly keep an intimate relationship with a hardworking earth sign fun, yet … Continue reading Cancer: In Bed With Earth Signs