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In Bed With Feminista Jones: Reclaiming Our Space: How Black Feminists are Changing The World From The Tweets to The Streets

The voices of Black Women are becoming heard and faces are being shown more than ever in the media. Whether it’s for news or entertainment, thanks to technology and digital communication, dominant face of society is changing.

In Bed With ‘ Art of Seduction’ -Book Review

    Book Title: The Concise Art of Seduction Author: Robert Greene Page Numbers: 204 Genre: Self-help Format: Paperback (Concise Art of SeductionPurchase on Amazon)         " Your words must lift people into the clouds, where it is easy for them to lose their way." - Robert Greene, The Concise Art of … Continue reading In Bed With ‘ Art of Seduction’ -Book Review

Review| A Dirty Word

   Book Title: A Dirty Word, How a Sex Writer Reclaimed Her SexualityAuthor: Steph AuteriPages: 231Genre: Self- Help, NonFictionAmazon " That means alot Krystle! I wrote the book for woman in general, but I love how its also enabled me to connect with and relate to other sex writers because of our shared experiences." - Steph Auteri Sex … Continue reading Review| A Dirty Word

Jane Doe | Book Review

  Book Title: Jane Doe Author: Victoria Helen Stone AKA Victoria Dahl Genre:  Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Psychological Fiction Amazon Price: Kindle or Paperback Jane Doe comes off as an average woman working a 9-5 trying to figure out life on the surface, and underneath she is so much more than anyone can expect. Pretty flower dresses, … Continue reading Jane Doe | Book Review

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Book Review| Slut Ever

Title: Slut Ever Dispatches From A Sexually Autonomous Woman In A Post Shame World Pages: 280 Genre: Memoir, Women's Studies, Non-Fiction Price: $15.29       Funny, shameless, and slutty is Karley Sciortino’s Slutever book. It is a memoir of what life has been like for a millennial woman who comfortably identifies as a slut. … Continue reading Book Review| Slut Ever