Capricorns are animals in the bedroom and are said to be the fire of the earth signs due to their diligent approach to life. While some may find the zodiac sign to be intense, they are quite the romantic behind closed doors.

To turn this zodiac on, a potential partner needs to know/understand how to set or create good bedroom decor. Since Capricorns are grounded, they are compatible with other earth signs in and out of the bedroom. Let us explore how naughty things can get in this element.

~ If you are new to astrology, simply click on the bold Zodiac name below to get a better understanding of how they are in bed. ~

Krystle In Bed Taurus:  When these two find themselves wrapped in each other arms in the bedroom, a harmonious bond takes place because the karmic planet Saturn rules Capricorn, and Venus, the world of love rule Taurus. These two earth signs love an elegant ambiance, which will make their entire relationship seem like a romantic getaway to others. In the bedroom, Capricorns have the stamina, while Taurus has a high libido. They are making their love scene intense, passionate, and explosive. It is hard to keep these two out of the bedroom because trust and security will not want them to let each other go.

Krystle In Bed Virgo: This earth pair thrives on intellect, and you will find them wining and dining while in deep conversation at a classy restaurant. Once the two are secure enough to trust each other, they will find themselves enjoying sensual and fulfilling sex life. The bedroom scene is explosive when these two are together; Capricorn’s stamina with Virgo’s creativity in the bedroom will keep these two satisfied in all areas of their lives.

Krystle In BedCapricorn: When a Capricorn is in bed with a fellow Capricorn, they are animals.  They share a physical connection that allows them to completely let go of their tasks and make their bodies work out the stress and tensions their hard work has built up. Yes! Sex is on a schedule for them, but that doesn’t stop them from scheduling sex every day, or for a quick lunch break. While they smother each other, they can work things out for the long haul if they learn how and when to let the other take control.

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