On a Budget, But want to Start a Garden? Check out These 4 Tips

Do you want to start gardening as a hobby, but you are on a tight budget? No longer do you need to fret, because there are 5 gardening tips listed below to help you garden while on a budget.

Tip 1:

Make your own fertilizer by composting.

This is the easiest DIY.

Similarly to how we need to eat fruits and vegetables to grow and maintain the health of our organs?

Plants use the same nutrients from fruits and vegetables as well.

You already have compost sitting in your kitchen, from the scraps of the fruits and veggies you eat daily.

Once you gather the scraps of your favorite fruits and vegetables, keep them in a container near a window sill if you live in a small space, or somewhere outside where animals won’t get to it.

After you figure out how you would store your compost, begin the collection of food scraps. For techniques on how to make compost, you can check the short following video on what I use in my compost and why.

Tip 2:

Now, this tip actually involves money, and there are two ways you can spend your money.  One way will not cost you time, while the other requires more because it takes up time.

When you are just starting off gardening, you usually lack one or two things.

  1. Plants
  2. Plant holders

Let’s talk about how you can get plants for the low.

This info won’t take long because you already own the plants you want to grow.

Yep! That is right, you can regrow your store-bought fruits and vegetables. It’s a slow process, but it is the cheapest and most organic way, especially if you make your own compost/fertilization.

As far as the plant holders, you can DIY old teapots, and bowls as I have done in the photos below.


Another budget-friendly way you can find cute potting plants is by shopping at the 99¢ store. My sister-in-law let me in on this secret. However, the pot prices go up the bigger they are. Another flaw to the pots is they are made of plastic.

Speaking of plastic, you can also reuse water bottles, and for seed starting, there is a cool hack of reusing egg cartons and other everyday household items. Check out Treehuggers post here for more common household items.

Tip 3:

Next, you will need tools for watering the plants.

Some plants need a misting system. Lucky for you, a good money saver for misting would be to use an old spray bottle or can.

Note: If you choose to go the reuse route, be sure to thoroughly clean out the spray can, to prevent chemicals from being sprayed onto your plants.

Tip 4:

You will need gardening tools.

When I first started gardening, I didn’t realize I would need tools until I started to grow from seeds.

Since we are already in quarantine, gloves are not an issue for some of you. Gloves are mostly used to protect your nails from being dirty, so if you aren’t afraid of dirt, they are not necessarily essential.

However, if you are repotting, you will need a small rake to rake up old dead leaves and rotten roots. The best replacement you already own is a comb, it does the same job as a handheld rake.

Besides the rake, you will also need a small shovel and the best to replace them with an old scoop, or tea/tablespoons.

If you are just getting your garden started, those are a few things you can utilize for now. These hacks will get you on the right track of growing a nourishing garden filled with your favorite flower, herbs, and vegetables in no time.



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