Life is full of surprises, and you don’t know what it has in store for you, and that is why I created a persona for my sex blog, Krystle In Bed.

Yes, you can control what happens to your life, but be real with yourself.

Are you really in control?

On that note, I created a persona.

Since all I ever wanted to write about was sex, and define love in its millions of ways.

You might be thinking, so what stopped you from doing it?

Nothing is my answer.

Hence, the persona.

I’m obsessed with sex, but not in an addicted to sex, mental health, fetish, type of way.

I live a traditional life sipping tea, but I’m Asexual, and I have been a long time. However, I love sex because of the many scenarios I come up with in my mind.

I get to bring them to life when I write my erotic-fiction, or while I’m masturbating next to my sleeping husband.

What is it like Having a Persona?

A persona allowed me to escape the traditional way of living safely.

The world wants to see me as a responsible, strong but submissive, careful woman, but I am far from that.

Sadly, far from that doesn’t pay the bills, at least for the lifestyle I desire, so creating the persona allowed me to kind of live a double life where I could explore and share my sexual fantasies.

Balancing a Double-Life

I attended events using my persona and met a lot of amazing sex-positive people.

While I could’ve completely lost control in my persona and live a double life, I designed it to only go to a certain extent because real life is expensive and full of many rules.

Outside of sex, I had other interests, and those interests paid the bills. As Smutlancer stated in the post titled Creating a Persona for Adult Brands,” There are two extremes when it comes to content creation: Not being able to think of any ideas for posts or having too many ideas that are difficult to choose from. Either of these situations can cause you to freeze up, and then become stagnant or experience imposter¬†syndrome.

Lucky for me, I chose the right field to allow me to keep my persona alive while working professionally; journalism, which taught me how to research, create, and hustle until I was able to live the life I desire.

Yes, the field is slow,  and there is lots of competition, but finding your niche is what allows you to strive.

As for me, it helped me strive in more than one area of my life such as the following;

  • Business
  • Sex
  • Wellness/Lifestyle

By day, I am an educator in sharing much-needed information, conducting research, and fact-checking people.

Whereas by night, and that is whenever I choose my nightlife to begin I am

A Sexual Escape

Where you can only find me if you are 18+; Krystle In Bed

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