Before Going Into Business? Understand Downtime is Nonexistent

Before running my own business, I thought higher management was over-reacting when I would hear the phrase,  “There’s no downtime in business.”

Outside of blogging, I worked in retail part-time while I attended college and worked on my career.

I was able to move up in management reasonably quickly in these jobs. However, I only stayed for about one/two years because I never grasped why anyone higher than me was so stressed out.

Now, during the day, I hold a remote full-time job, where I do admin work, tech, and train other people for the digital aspect of home care assistance for special needs adults.

My current job is tedious, but I love it because I am challenged by something.

Most of the time, I’m stressed, but a good type of stress. Since the job is remote, it allows me to get a lot done within my home, personal and social life, and manage my e-commerce business Healing Intentions Natural.

I am always in work mode since I think a lot, and having your own business, you are thinking about the best solution to whatever problem your company is facing.

Filling In Business Downtime

Since I’ve been in business, I seem to have a little downtime. It is usually to my mind is filled with millions of ideas on how to serve my customers best.

Since I am the founder of the company, most of the tech stuff I do on my own until I can hire someone to do it. Thankfully my strategy organizer helps with the creative thinking details for products and marketing.

Considering I am learning as I am going, I’ve taught myself web design. Which has me standing by my belief, “there are no downtime in business,” especially if you want it to be successful.

Hell, I needed so much control over my business to make sure my customers are only receiving the best of the best I can do and started growing my tea garden. 

Who would’ve ever thought I had a green thumb.

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Back to the subject

I am not trying to deter anyone from starting a side hustle or going into business for themselves. Instead, I am merely trying to turn the phrase into a positive one.

As a small business owner, most of the work you do alone. Without careful planning, things can get overwhelming real quick. Hence, downtime in business is nonexistent. Having a balance to work through the ups and downs of business is necessary. 

Understanding this statement is one of your leading ways to success, in my opinion.

If you haven’t already, you’ll find yourself reciting the powerful statement. It usually occurs when you find yourself at a fork in the road. Either you keep going, find someone else to fix the problem, or quit.

And if you are one of my readers, we all know you are not a quitter.

Let’s start a discussion in the comments below, ill start it off by asking the following questions;

Do you agree with the statement?

Have you started a business on your own and learn the ups and downs of managing for success?

What are you reciting to yourself to help you push through the downs of business?

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