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Outside of blogging, I run the e-commerce store Healing Intentions Natural and work a full-time job. Although I have been in business for a year, I have blogged on and off for many. Luckily, the years taught me balancing techniques that help with the ups and downs of working from home.

While that sounds good, and trust me, it is; things can get quite intense. When a person wears  many hats, sometimes they find themselves thinking the following,”

There Are No downtimes when working from home.


Now, many people will suggest many ways to help you stay focus when working from home, similar to this list of things you shouldn’t do from the latest article of CNBC, by  Tom Popomaronis.

Many of the suggestions are great and work quite well. However, they don’t help the sufferers of perfectionism.

“There are many things to do, and more than one way to find solutions to problems, which leads us to believe we can’t afford to waste time.”

Meaning, there’s always something to do when you are in any profession, which pertains to life, business, and wellness. When you work from home, you can’t run away from your beautiful distractions.

In fact, Bankrate, a personal finance company, suggested four tips not only business owners can use, but any person working from home can utilize when making the adjustment of working from home.

My favorite being the following  ” Seek help, from those who understand your business.”

When adjusting to a new lifestyle, it can be quite overwhelming, and it is best to get help from those who are changing with you as well or who have been in your shoes.

During these trying times, you’re forced to rearrange your life to get the job done.

The Ups and Downs of Working From Home

In case you were wondering, the ups and downs of working from home depending on the type of person you are.

For example, if you are any of the following; single parent, two-parent household, no kid but in a relationship, pet parent, living with: family, roommates, or alone. Each situation is different, and each individual has various ways of becoming distracted.

Therefore, individuals must come up with techniques to balance the ups and downs we can and cannot control.

Ups and downs of working from home
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

There are many tips to help you focus when you are working remotely.

However, these tips tend to leave out how to incorporate your schedule around your loved ones. Whether you leave for work or already work from home, and their routine is the opposite of yours.

Many people will blame their loved ones for their downs if it takes them longer than usual to complete a work task. However, the other person is not the issue; you (the blamer) are.

How Am I the Issue?

If you are still here, thank you for letting me explain.

You are the issue of the “downs in your life” happening around you. Due to a lack of control, you have over the interrupter or distraction in your life.

While that is not your problem, fixing your issue is one way to handle and stop the energy of distraction.

So What Are My Problems?

Some problems you face occur when you lack accountability.

Distractions are energy, and they need attention. When you’ve been neglecting a specific area in your life, it begins to demand your attention, so when a distraction comes up in your life ( please take this one day at a time), either tend to it or set a time for it.

Another problem you might have when trying to focus while working at home is boredom.

As working people, we have many responsibilities.

Hell, our jobs are depending on us to continue to get our share of the work done.

With that said, depending on the amount of work you need to do, and the level of distraction, it is okay to let yourself be distracted. If you haven’t tried it, it helps in balancing the ups and downs of working at home.

{Edited; September 2, 2020}

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  1. Really interesting. Lots of advice about working from home is generic so nice to see you specifying people need to find out what works for them and their specific situation

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