” Ooooh!” I moaned as I woke up from an orgasmic dream.

A nipple caught between two fingers was the first thing I felt as I slowly awakened with short breaths as my mind came into consciousness.

My cunt was receiving broad strokes from a hard, flattened tongue, and slow strokes of a come-hither motion took place inside of my vagina from fingers that filled me up.

I thought I was trapped in a lucid dream once I came to the realization I was waking up to an orgasming cunt induced by my lover’s mouth.



Cunnilingus is a sexual act which is favored by most women. The sexual act is referred to by many other names such as of the following: eating out, licking pussy, muff munch, head, etc.

Receiving oral sex can be quite an experience especially if a person knows what they are doing. For some, receiving a tongue bath for your cunt can enhance the chance of orgasms or possibly speed up the time it takes to get aroused.

Since the mouth is already moist, giving oral sex can add more lubrication if penetration is followed after the intimate act.

Oral sex for some women can be pleasing. No matter how submissive a woman can be to her partner, receiving oral sex is empowering. It is something about looking down at your partners head between your legs, attempting to give you the best pleasurable experience imaginable.

While there are many things to make oral sex a fantastic experience, one thing guaranteed to make it pleasurable is an enthused partner willing to give. If you are lucky enough to have a partner who wants nothing more than to satisfy your beautiful cunt, using their tongue for exploration of each crevice of the vulva, and even dipping into the vagina canal, you might be in for an orally orgasmic ride.

There is something about having a partner who is eager to please their woman by licking her pussy. It’s possible a relationship can benefit from giving oral sex because it shows how much a person is willing to please their partner.

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Vibes matches vibes if a person doesn’t want to give, it can possibly make the receiver feel uncomfortable. Most people do not want to be put in a situation where they have to convince someone to provide them their most desired pleasure.

When it comes to anything revolved around intimacy, it is meant to be fun. It is best to talk to your partner about your thoughts on giving head to avoid miscommunications when sex occurs in the relationship. Some women make it a priority to receive cunnilingus before engaging in any form of sex.

While conversation is essential, it is also good to keep a few tricks in hand when eating a pussy. Such as having a flattened tongue, using broad strokes, possibly fingering while putting some pressure on the clitoris, dipping your tongue into the vagina, don’t speed up or do something else if a partner tells you to keep doing what you are doing, and lastly enjoy making her pussy happy.

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10 thoughts on “Waking Up With My Cunt In My Lover’s Mouth

  1. It is such a turn on if you know your partner gets off on licking you as much as you get off on receiving – great post 😉

  2. You are definitely right is that is is empowering to see your partner’s head between your legs, wanting to pleasure you!

  3. I receive oral from my husband very often. I obviously Love it, he can go as long as I need or want him, thru many orgasms before I am satisfied.
    Thanks for the post..

  4. Hi Krystal:
    Yes it is.
    Before him, granted we are talking 25 or more years ago most of the men I was with ether did not understand what they were doing and why, or they only enjoyed receiving oral pleasure.
    From the first time my husband and I had sex; he went down on me and within a few minutes had me start a series of gut retching orgasms. I was so embarrassed because I squirted, never before had I had this feeling, he continued as he sucked and swallowed my squirts thru many orgasms. I knew he was a keeper.
    Our relationship is different now but his oral service has only gotten better to including both front and back tirelessly satisfying my needs for more and more orgasms .

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