Spring is in the air, and our mother earth is transitioning, from the coldness of winter to the warmth of new beginnings.

We are right there with her, cleaning out our homes, and enjoying the sight of blooming flowers.

Bees are spreading pollen and might be causing allergies for some, but that doesn’t mean our sniffles and watery eyes will stop us, especially with our spring blend of Green Raspberry.

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Green Rasberry Benefits:

Green Tea is a wonderful way to slow allergies down as the weather because to get all hay-wired.

According to an ABC News Article, Green tea may help your body build up an immunity to spring allergens, e.g.,  pollen, dust, and pet dander.

On another note, the green tea mixed with raspberry leaf adds more benefits to our health, when our bodies are transitioning out of the colder months and into the spring.

Raspberry leaf, helps our throats stay soothed and reduces the chances of getting sore and turning into a seasonal cold. The leaf also helps with digestion issues, and if your skin is dry from the cool spring breeze, you can use the leaf to treat skin issues, according to the blog site Sweet Beet Acupuncture.

Raspberry leaf also has a lot of benefits for female reproductive health, as a side note.

These are just a few of the many benefits this tea concoction offers. While we can go on about our favorite spring blend, we’d suggest you give it a try your self.

Ask us about our free 14g sample, if you are interested in getting a headstart on boosting your immunity for the upcoming allergy season. It’s a great offer right before it gets warm for you to brew up an iced version, that will keep you hydrated and full of antioxidants while you enjoy every sip.


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