Not again, I cursed my laptop when the screen turned black and didn’t want to turn on.

I have a deadline and no time to take it to the store.

Suddenly, I remembered an advertisement for techs who come out to your house and help with technical/mechanical issues.

” We can have a guy come out around 2 pm, is that okay with you?” the tech squad receptionist responds.

Hmm! I can get a lot done in two hours, so I confirm the time.

I ran a few errands nearby and got a workout in.

It was about 1:30 when I got my favorite pressed juice and started to head home.

He’s Here.

The doorbell rang as I stepped out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, I opened the door.

” Excuse me; the computer is on the table. You can get right to work,” I said, bashfully once I realized who was standing in the doorway.

I hurried to my room and locked the door.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Surprised, I paced back and forth in my room, trying to wrap my head around the fact; I flirted with the guy the other day at the grocery store.

“He’s seen me in a towel,”  I kept thinking to myself -dress comfortably, but sexy.

Furthermore, I put on some biker shorts and an oversized cropped hoodie, my slippers, and headed back into the living room.

” I planned to call you to grab a drink today once I finished here,” he said while trying to reboot my laptop.

“Well, I guess your job made the call for you, ” I replied.

What type of drink were you thinking about grabbing?” I quizzed.

” To be fair, I was leaving that up to you,” he smiled.

“Gosh, I need him,” I thought, then said, ” well, now we can save money and time, and I’ll make any drink.”

” I like the sound of that.”

” Tea?”

” I was thinking more on the lines of a vodka soda,” he said pressing the power button on my laptop.

” Perfect, I was going to turn mine into a tea cocktail,” I said walking into the kitchen to turn on the kettle.

The computer came on, and I signed my receipt on his phone.

We stood in awkward silence for a while.

My mind was spinning.

To break the silence, I asked if he would like to get comfortable and take off his gear.

He accepted, and I saw his v-line as he removed his crew neck. Careful, not to get caught staring, or my traveling eyes from his c***.

I quickly diverted my attention to the whistling kettle on the stove.

Let’s go back to how we met.

I was in the grocery store looking at bananas, and he was looking at peaches.

It’s been a while since I’ve taken control in the bedroom, and I was aching for someone to sit back and let me do my thing.

The problem is, I can only make myself have an orgasm.

Every now and then I let my partners tease me enough to make me cum.

However, I never allowed them to bring me to an orgasm.

I would cum and finish myself off while masturbating next to them, if they fell asleep.

As well as, let them watch me bring myself to orgasm.

It’s a weird control issue, only some men would allow me to use his cock like a cum machine.

I needed full control, to the point I don’t want my partner to speak.

On the other hand, at the grocer, he and I made eye contact numerous times.

It wasn’t until our hands brushed against each other, while we reached for the strawberries, when we engaged with one another.

I awakened out of the fantasy I envisioned of him licking my peach while I deepthroated his banana.

” Oh, sorry,” I said in a hushed tone.

” No worries, take me,” I heard, but he said, “them.”

” Thank You.”

” No disrespect, but you are sexy as hell,” he said.

” LOL, not disrespectful at all. You aren’t bad yourself,” I replied, smiling.

” Let me call you,” he said as he pulled out his phone.

” Please do,” I replied and gave him my phone number.

To be fair, I am over myself.

I wanted to break the ice in the store and tell him to come home with me.

Instead, I held myself back because isn’t that what ladies do?

Thankfully, the universe or God sent the man to my front door.

A couple of sips of our drink, and we laughed about which one of us noticed the other first.

The conversation was light and slow, yet I began to feel a little anxious.

I excused myself and went to the restroom.

In my mind, I fought back and forth on whether or not I should make a move.

Photo By Pixabay from Pexels

All I imagined:

 Him naked in my bed with a rock hard penis, standing up, and waiting for me to sit on it.

Once I recomposed, I decided to wait for him to give me a sign.

Back in the living room, he sat where I left him.

He smiled up at me, and I offered another drink.

He walked over to the kitchen with me and said, ” tell me what you want to do to me,” and I  told him to wait for me in the bedroom.

To be continued…

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