Vivi Kink is an Italian sex toy shop that keeps kink in mind with every design. The company prides its self as a defender of love with products in clothing, jewelry, and furnishings.

One of their designs is Cocktus. It is a dildo that can be used for fun in the bedroom, or as a display in the home when not in use. The cactus shaped dildo is made from Platinum Cure Silicone, which is porous free, and it is dyed with formulated colored pigments that are non-toxic to your body. As a Vivi design, it does not contain carcinogenic substances or any other harmful toxins that can be found in sex toys.

The Cocktus has silicone thorns of different sizes up to and down the entire trunk (shaft), which enhances the pleasure when it is used for penetration.

When delivered, it comes to you in a discreet postal form, but once the packaging is removed, you are greeted by a black magnetic case, with a fabric case inside of it protecting the Cocktus and its base. Beneath the fabric case, there is a product label as well as a sticker with Vivi’s logo.

You can purchase the Cocktus at www.vivi.toys, and you will get an automatic 10% discount clicking the links on this page. (This is an affiliate link. If you click this link and make a purchase, I earn a small commission)

My Experience:

I started off slow, with lube, and I inched the Cocktus inside of me and felt the first thorn glide against the walls of my cunt, and the only thing that was able to come out of my mouth was “Woah.” I picked up the speed and thrust the entire cock inside of me. Each time I inched the Cocktus deeper inside of me, I felt one of its thorn stroking different spots inside of my cunt, and it made me wetter each time. The silicone thorns on the Cocktus stimulated other sensations within me while I received the pleasure of normal penetration. It made my cunt crave every inch. I had small orgasms that led me to the big “O,” and each of the small orgasms made my body tremble because it intensified the craving for each stroke of the Cocktus moving in and out of my body. It didn’t take long for me to orgasm, and when I did all, I was delighted.

It was an orgasmic experience. I’m not a big fan of dildos. Instead, I enjoy remote, battery-operated sex toys.

It was such a fantastic orgasm. I am definitely using the toy again. Next time I’m going to try it with a partner or let my partner watch me bring myself to orgasm because that also intensifies the pleasure in the bedroom.

I recommend the product to someone who is looking for a fun toy to ease the tension in the bedroom or someone who likes to feel surprised during penetration. Vivi did a great job of making the Cocktus different from other dildos.


Purchase Info:

If you are interested in purchasing the Cocktus, you can click the link below, or any highlighted Vivi, you see throughout the article. My code is included with the link, and you will get 10% off on any purchase. Go ahead and support the company Vivi for their product and me for more reviews on what it’s like in bed with Krystle.

Site: www.vivi.toys

(This is an affiliate link. If you click this link and make a purchase, I earn a small commission.)

*Remember to clean sex toys before and after every use.”

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