The future is here, everyone. As a millennial who grew up with the internet, I am glad to be prepared for times like these. With that said, let me share how this ambivert stays sane during the quarantine.

What Is An Ambivert?

I am glad you asked darling, now let me explain.

There are introverts, you know those people who are predominantly homebodies. You hardly see them, and they are either alone or with one other person; extrovert.

The introverts’ best friend is an outgoing, people gathering; extrovert. They can’t stand being alone and hate to see others alone.

While those two types of people are the dominating groups of how a person identifies themselves, there are subgroups. These groups are for people who are a mixture of both and possibly more.

Allow me to introduce ambivert and omnivert.


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Quora Response


As the above quora answer defines, ambiverts are people who enjoy socializing just as much as they enjoy being alone.

While Omniverts are people who were once extroverts and became introvert, and vice-versa. However, omniverts have varying definitions, and people switch back and forth between the two terms, so it’s really your preference.

I prefer ambivert because of my love for the word ambiance ~ but that’s a different subject; In bed with a Capricorn.

So How Does an Ambivert Stay Sane?

Now that we have defined what an ambivert is let us get into why you wanted to read the post in the first place.

An Ambivert stays sane by doing the following:

  • Working
  • Walking the dog
  • Reading
  • Video chatting
  • DIYing
  • Working Out
  • Cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Self-Care
  • Meditating
  • Journaling

As you can see, we ambiverts do most of the interchanging intro/extrovert activities. However,  it only keeps us sane for so long.

Before self-isolation, when I would feel like socializing, I would go to a cafe or bar restaurant to either engage with others or meet with friends.

Now that privilege has been taken away, and the only time I get to socialize is with other dog parents, grocery store clerks ( if they are nice), and my husband.

Since I already worked remotely with my day job, I already had a set schedule for blogging and running my e-commerce business, Healing Intentions Natural. The only thing that changed for me is not being allowed to work at my favorite cafes to feel like I am apart of society.

Favorite Ambivert Activities During Self-Isolation

Meditation and journaling have become a massive part of my self-isolation. It helps me clear my mind and reflect on my life.


Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels


During self-isolation, I’ve learned a few things about myself I might have been putting off or ignoring. That is It is hard for me to stay still.

For as long as I can remember, I always have something to do. This overflowing to-do list caused me to neglect many areas of my life that help me live the life that I want.

Fortunately, this self-isolation has allowed me to sort out my priorities and help me focus on the things that matter most.

What has Self-Isolation taught you about yourself?



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