It was late when  I awakened from a fantastic sexual experience just 6-hours before.

I was on the 26th floor of a hotel in Vegas that overlooked the strip. The lights flickered in the distance while my husband laid next to me.

I am known for wandering around after smoking cannabis when I wake up in the middle of the night when vacationing with my husband.  This particular night he decided to take it upon himself to handcuff me to the hotel’s bed.

After a while of not being able to go anywhere, I decided to wake him up with a delicious delight: my cunt!

Lucky for me he was sleeping on his back, and he handcuffed me in a way where I was able to lift myself up enough, for me to straddle his face.Handcuffed

Little did I know, he wasn’t sound asleep and I immediately felt the tip of his tongue press up against my clit and glide across my slit. I moaned in delight as he pulled me further down onto his face so he could devour my cunt.

His tongue was firm as he dipped it into my vagina canal, and he relaxed it each time he gently brushed the slit and lips of my vulva which led to multiple uncontrolled orgasms.

Once he was satisfied with the feeding of my cunt, he lifted me up and rolled off the bed to be released from my straddle, and stroked my hair as he stood beside me and rubbed his hard cock.

My husband turned my head toward him and asked if I wanted his cock. The slut that I am purred, “YES!”  Which urged him to climb back onto the bed and shove his hard, thick cock into my soaking wet cunt. I climaxed immediately, as his cock thrust deeply into my vagina with hard, long strokes, to keep me from screaming he covered my mouth and swallowed my moans.


Once I was over an orgasm, he would pull my head back using my hair so my face would be towards his, and we kissed as he slowly went deeper into my cunt.

Each moan he would go deeper, pinch my nipples and tongue kiss me until I was ready to orgasm again, and when he felt another orgasm coming along he would pound my cunt until his cock was covered in my juices.

Since I was still handcuffed to the bed, I couldn’t be in control, and I took the cunt pounding. My husband whispered in my ear about how naughty I was on our last trip when I wandered around while he was sleeping, and took his cock out of my vagina causing me to apologize and promise him I wouldn’t do it again.

He walked away with his hard cock in his hand while I was still handcuffed to the hotel bed. To keep my eyes on him I did a light backbend to see what he was doing, and to my surprise, I saw him squirting lube in his hand and stroke his hard cock.


Sliquid Lube Cubes: $12.79


I pleaded I wouldn’t be naughty anymore, as I watched him continue to add more lube to his cock. I tried to turn around, so my entire body faced him, but he hopped back on the bed and pushed me up against the headboard, and slowly slid his cock into my ass while softly flicking my clit. I moaned softly as the hard, lubed cock slid deep inside of me.

Once my buttocks relaxed he began to give me hard, long, slow strokes while he massaged my clit. I fell asleep once again with his penis inside of me due to the pleasurable orgasm that followed his steady, broad strokes.

When I awaken, I was no longer handcuffed to the hotel’s bed; instead, I was lying in his arms with his cock limped near my ass.

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