I am a wine lover, I love red during the winter, white for spring, and Rosé stays in my glass all summer and fall.

I will have my first glass of wine around 11am-12-pm; Brunch -while my last drink of the day will be right before I fall asleep, which is typically around 9-10 pm.

My wine obsession is not a bad thing. Still, I know the amount I usually drink is not suitable for my physical health, psyche, or spiritual wellbeing. However, when I would try to cut back on my drinking habits in the past, withdrawals would kick in, resulting in me pouring myself a glass.

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Many would believe my love for wine is not a big deal since I am not harming anyone or myself, but I had a strong urge which kept pushing me to quit or cut-back from drinking wine.

On that note, I am a firm believer in listening to your body.

Since the holidays are a dense season of indulging wine, I decided to wait for the beginning of the new year to stop drinking or at least cut-back.

Now, I am not big on New Year’s Resolution, but my word for this decade is accountability. It only made sense to start the year off by sticking to my promise, and embracing the annual campaign Dry/Dryish January.

What Is Dry/Dry-ish January?

Back in 2013, the charity  Alcohol Change UK started the Dry January campaign. According to their website, the campaign was designed to help “millions reset their relationship with alcohol every year.”

Years later, the campaign is still growing and striving, with millions of people participating. You can find participants sharing their success stories on social media through the hashtag #dryjanuary– which is how I came about the challenge.

Now, quitting alcohol cold-turkey can be hard for some people. In fact, it can cause more harm than good for heavy drinkers, which coined the term Dry-ish January.

According to the Prevention and Wellness of Western Washington University, Dry-ish January is for people who may need a drink or two during their dry month because of Life!

It takes away the pressure of stressing yourself out by trying to break a habit-you’ll probably end up returning to the following month.

I am for that!

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Areas of My Life Improved with Tea


While wine is one of my favorite beverages, I realized I am more productive when I am sipping tea.

I started Dryish January the first week of the month rather than the first day. During that first week, I suffered from insomnia.

On a typical night, I would unwind with a glass of wine and hit the sack, my night routine was thrown off, and my body/mind didn’t recognize it was bedtime.

This night suffering ( I love sleeping), took about three nights of drinking fennel tea one hour before bedtime to readjust my routine. Now that I am working on two weeks, I have been able to fall asleep more quickly and wake up full of energy.

Mood & Memory

For as long as I can remember, I have never been able to count on my memory, and I am known to be quite moody. Drinking wine,  or any alcohol for that matter didn’t help with the problem either.

The first place I felt improvement after a few days of no wine was my memory and mood. I was able to recall and retain information faster, as well as feel enthused about the work/family challenges that came my way.

As a tea business owner, every afternoon, I would drink my Mentea. An herbal blend, I curated with herbs to improve my mood and memory, as well as keep me focused and alert.

Improving my life by replacing wine with tea for Dry January
Photo by: @dryjanuary on Instagram


After a week of no-wine, procrastination has been out the window.

I am a big procrastinator, to the point, I had to change my perspective on writing to get more work done.

Not drinking wine has changed the dialogue in my mind to help me be the best person I know I can be. I stick to my to-do list, and I have begun to check things off.

I no longer find excuses (trust me; I have the best excuses) to keep me from getting work done. My thoughts have become more organized, and I am no longer easily distracted by the many interruptions that are out of my control, yet occur daily.

To keep me from crashing, I would drink my favorite morning blend Lavender Plains, an English Breakfast tea blended with dried lavender buds for energy without a crash, to get more work done, and settle down for a relaxing evening.

Sugar Cravings

During the first week of no-alcohol, or anytime I try to take a break from alcohol, I crave high amounts of sugar.

Alcohol metabolizes into sugar, and artificial sugar is not in my diet. Outside of alcohol, my only source of sugar is from fruit.

With that being said, if there is no alcohol in my system, my sugar levels drop until I have fruit.

For me to combat my cravings for sugar, after overindulging in fruits, I drank my tea blend Hibiscus Clove. Which regulates my blood sugar levels and boosts my immune system, to keep me from falling sick due to the pull from alcohol.

In Conclusion

Although I have 3-weeks left to complete my dry/dry-ish January, I am excited and hopeful for what’s to come.

Now that I am no longer withdrawing, thanks to my herbal teas, it feels good to not depend on wine to take away my stress. I don’t plan on not drinking ever again, but this new love of being sober has me considering pushing drinking only to special occasions- which are predominantly birthdays and vacations.

Have you ever participated in Dry or Dry-ish January?
If so, what are some changes you experienced when you cut alcohol from your life- let’s have a discussion in the comments.

Happy Sipping!


6 thoughts on “Improving My Life by Replacing Wine with Tea, for Dry January

  1. I was not really one to drink. I only experienced drinking wine when I met my fiance and his family. I usually would drink on special occasions which are the holidays (thanksgiving, christmas, and possibly vacation) for me. That was two years ago, now I’m breastfeeding my young one and haven’t tasted wine since before the pregnancy. Tea is also my favorite drink, though I’m no tea expert I enjoy drinking a cup of tea with honey. Glad to read your accomplishments thus far. Wish you the best on your journey!

  2. I am glad you are past the withdrawal phase as that makes things a little easier. I love tea and mostly drink herbal because of my sensitivity to caffeine. I love how you’ve explored how different types of teas help you with different aspects of your health. Great post!

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