No More Bad Hair Days For This Naturalista, Thanks to CurlCap

For the last 4-5 years, I have been wearing my hair natural. What that entitles is having no chemical treatment on my hair, and only getting it straightened for special occasions, a different look, and maybe a trim.

Tea With Krystle wearing a CurlCap
CurlCap on, and ready to go

I have lost count of how many days I’ve experienced a bad hair day, after being natural for 4-5 years.

Bad hair days go a little different for me because I would cancel the whole day and hide.

Yes! I am that dramatic.

Those days are now long and gone since I came across the fantastic Etsy shop, Curl Cap.

The owner, Britney, shares a tale on the site of how she came up with the design- using old dad hats and stockings to tame her natural hair on lazy hair days- which led her to open up a successful shop.

While there are many designs to choose from, I kept it simple and ordered the black Satin Lined Baseball Cap.

Product: CurlCap, Photo by: Teawithkrystle

As you can see above, the cap is the same design as your average dad hat- which I love, and the inside is lined with satin to maintain the moisture in our hair.

Product: CurlCap, Photo by: Teawithkrystle

Why I’m Obsessed?

As mentioned above, going natural has led to many bad hair days, or as Brittney puts it, ” lazy hair days.”

With CurlCap, it is easy for me to throw it on and go. I have a lot on my plate, especially with a dog- morning walks.

Fireball and I

Now that I have my CurlCap, my morning hair is no longer an issue when trying to get out the door, or having to run an unexpected errand.

CurlCap is a naturalist hair best friend; I will be returning to the Etsy shop to cop their Satin Lined Hoody, which is perfect for grabbing tea, or an early morning hike.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post I am not getting compensation for any of the products mentioned in this post, thank you enjoy!


  1. That’s such a good idea to line a cap with satin. I have a silk pillowcase and it’s been a game changer for my hair – no more bad hair mornings (well, not as bad as they were anyway!). Thank you for sharing 🙂

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