Pisces: The water sign is full of mystery and enjoys romance. They are led by their intuition, which can make or break their relationship with a Capricorn. The determined earth sign is attracted by the mysterious aura of a Pisces. It can be caught in their magical world as well as control it–if they can dive into an in-depth exploration of their emotions. In bed, Capricorn and Pisces will indulge in sensual role play–with Capricorns sensual touch keeping the heat alive. As long as a Pisces can help a Capricorn take their mind off work, the two will be intimately connected for the long haul.

Cancer: This love affair is an opposites attract connection made by heaven. Once a Capricorn can trust their opposing zodiac sign Cancer, it will be hard to let one another go. The crabs ( check-in bed with Cancer for reference), down to earth approach to life, will help the hardworking earth sign live a little. While the money-making Capricorn will show the water sign how to save enough money to spend a little. Their spending balance will make their dating and long-term relationship exciting and adventurous– in and outside the bedroom. Cancers are submissive in the bedroom, and aims to please the dominating Capricorn in all ways possible. The water signs gives just enough dominance and submissiveness to help the Capricorn relax and enjoy the sexual experience.

Scorpio KrystleinbedScorpio: When these two get together, you will find them cuddled up on an exclusive rendezvous. They both share a love of privacy, which results in a long term monogamous relationship. The scorpion is driven by passion, especially in the bedroom. When a Capricorn find themselves with a scorpio he or she is content and overly satisfied. The security in the relationship is what they both desire and it keeps their flame between Capricorn and Scorpio lit in and out of the bedroom.

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