Capricorns are known to be pretty practical people. They like to plan and organize their lives, and partners may find them scheduling their sex life. While some may view them as pretty dull, they will be surprised by their high sexual energy, if they can stick around long enough to end up in bed with the earth sign. This is a patient earth sign and will take their time to pursue an ideal partner. However, once they are set and ready to take things to the next level, their partners would be pleased. The key to keeping this earth sign is being responsible, caring, and enjoy/create classy, yet comforting settings.

Aquarius-KrystleinbedAquarius: While these two will hit it off intellectually, they will have a hard time taking things to second base. Capricorn’s enjoy playing by the rules while Aquarians want to create and break them. Capricorn’s take their time to display love and affection while Aquarians have a hard time to commit. Sex, on the other hand, will be unique and fulfilling for both signs. The two share the love of decorum in the bedroom, which helps keep things spicy.  With the two sharing erogenous zones on the lower half of their body, Capricorn legs, Aquarius- calves and ankles. These two can expect lots of feet in the air and legs wrapped around necks when engaging in a late-night rendezvous.



Gemini: Capricorns are all about control and perfection. When this earth sign finds themselves in bed with air sign, Gemini; control is out the window, allowing the Capricorn to finally breathe and relax. This is an unusual dating pair because Capricorns are the parents in the relationship. They will find themselves grounding and directing growth and prosperity in and out of the bedroom. Still, Gemini’s playfulness and childlike curiosity will help keep daily situations from being so uptight. These two can either annoy or mesmerize eath other, which sets the bedroom scene on fire if they can make it there. A patient, Gemini, gets a Capricorn in bed.



Libra: When this air and earth sign paths cross and connect, they are both turned on by luxury. These two also enjoy being social. Libra’s enjoy romance and social gatherings, Capricorns are workaholics. The Libra’s indecisiveness connects well with the slow romanticizing Capricorn, the earth sign doesn’t have to jump to make things work out between the two. In bed, these two are a match made in heaven. Libra is attentive and will listen to the needs of Capricorn’s body. While the Capricorn will teach/ help the air sign explore sexual tricks and some vanilla fantasies.


Capricorns in bed with air signs can be quite exhilarating for the hardworking earth sign. Air signs can challenge a Capricorn mentally, all while helping them get out of their heads and deeper into their bodies. Social activities, comfy/sexy bedroom decor, and taking charge when the earth sign wants to relax. Sets any potential relationship between the two elements up for a long love affair.




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