Hardworking, determined, reserved Capricorn tend to surprise their partners in bed.

In the sheets, this Earth sign wants to let go and experience the release of oxytocin after a wonderous pleasure fulfilled orgasm.

If you find yourself in bed with a Capricorn, keep in my they are always on a schedule, and every touch, kiss, stroke, and lick is calculated.

The Earth sign tends to be an overachiever, and their goal is to please you because it satisfies them. Once the earth sign is comfortable with their chosen sex partner, they can be adventurous as a fire in the bedroom, submissive as a water sign in bed, or kinky in bed like an air sign.

Sex is hot, fast, and intense with this Earth sign, and they long for long-term relations. They are not typical of one-night stands, but they do prefer great sex over bad and might leave if their potential partner can’t please them, or keep up.

While they are not ones to take a risk, sex is pretty traditional with this Earth sign until they can completely trust their partner.

Once they decide they can be with you for the long-run, outcomes the handcuffs, whips, and blindfolds.

It takes patience to bring the kink out of a Capricorn. However, their partner will be sexually satisfied even when engaged in traditional sex. Since the earth sign is caring and attentive to their partners’ needs, regular sex will be far from boring.

Capricorns are usually homebodies, and their favorite place is the bedroom. With that being said, the ambiance of the bedroom will always be relaxing/intimate. It is their only place to escape from all of life’s demands.

Lovely bedroom setting, trust, and good conversation will keep a Capricorn in bed for hours with their lowkey high sex drive.


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