I’ve been studying for three hours, when he walked by.

He didn’t notice me, but I definitely noticed him.

He ate too much meat, and I’m a starving vegetarian, just one signal or slip-up my lips would be wrapped around his cock, and he wouldn’t even know what hit him.

I let a few minutes go by before I packed up my iPad, and began to roam around the empty library.

There were a lot of empty cubicles and open tables on my floor.

I decided to take the stairwell, and went down two floors because where else would there be silence and emptiness.


Exploring a new floor, which was chillier than the previous one. I found myself once again completely alone.

I decided to take the elevator back up, doubting myself on finding the perfect dominator to control my sexual hunger, and he was right in front of me when the doors opened before me.

He looked up, and I smirked.

” Which floor?” he asked.

” Yours.”

When I walked into the elevator he pressed 2, my sex number, according to numerology. 

We walked along the aisles of books, I let him take the lead. After walking for what felt like forever, I was going to take charge and push him up against a shelf, but he found a cubicle in a corner and sat down.

I sat in the one beside him and looked at him, praying he won’t ask any questions.

He asked what did I study, and I replied phallus, which resulted in a deep breath from both of us. I got on my knees, and he leaned back in his chair, looking him in his eyes I grabbed the waist of his scrubs and slightly brushed my hand on his already hard cock.

Continuously holding eye contact, I whipped his dick out and there were footsteps in the distance.

We paused I looked at him and vice-versa, until the footsteps treaded in a different direction. He tried to peek around the bookshelf, to see if anyone was coming and I deep-throated his cock.

Before he realized his cock was in my mouth, I thought, should I go slow or fast.

The clock was ticking, so I went fast.

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 12.43.23 AM

I slid my tongue up the shaft and twirled it around the tip, only to go back down the other side of shaft. Maybe it’s hard to tell, but I missed the taste of black dick.

After a few grunts from him, I went full throttle. It wasn’t until he was about to cum, I forgot I didn’t have anything to clean the nut up with, and since this was a one-time thing I didn’t want to swallow.

He ejaculated, and I took it all into my mouth. It tasted like he ate enough fruits and vegetables, with a little but of salt, still I couldn’t swallow, it would be entirely against protocol.

I found a cloth, and spit into it. He pulled his scrubs back up, and asked if I was fine.

We walked back through the library, full of empty space. Into the elevator out the door, and security told us to have a nice day.

© Krystle In Bed. All Rights Reserved.

Coverphoto- Lucas Franco

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