“Social Justice Warrior,” Feminista Jones, is an advocate for social change in the black community. She uses her social media platforms, to help lift the voices of fellow black innovators discussing topics that help bring light to the issues and promising changes of unity in the black community across the U.S. and around the world.

In her book, Reclaiming Our Space: How Black Feminists are Changing The World From The Tweets to the Streets, an explorative memoir, Jones shares how she and other black feminists have made an impact in society by illuminating the good and bad of black culture, how black feminists are also dismantling the patriarchy, and sharing the trials and tribulations Black woman and men face on a daily basis due to the color of their skin, as well as how the black community uses social media platforms to discuss topics on race, gender, and class.

Jones has been on the internet since 1997, and has grown and shaped with the changes of how people have communicated via internet. Throughout the many changes of communication, Jones has never lost focus of spreading the message/existence of the black community.

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Jones is one of many voices who influenced/dominated the social media platforms of informing people of black news. As well as teaching other Blacks predominantly women how to get on board with radical movements of change by moving justice for change from the internet to real life.

“We realize that the only people who care enough about us to work consistently for our liberation is us…….#wegotthis…..”

With the use of hashtags, threads on twitter, vlogging, and music. The voices of Black Women are becoming heard and faces are being shown more than ever in the media. Whether it’s for news or entertainment, thanks to technology and digital communication, dominant face of society is changing.

While the Black Woman are on the rise due to technology, Jones emphasis throughout the anthology the reasoning behind why Black Woman and the black community must begin and continue to Reclaim Our Space.

My Thoughts:

Thought-provoking, and refreshing,  are the only two words I can think of after reading, Reclaim Our Space. As a black women/ women of color (WOC), the book held all of my thoughts, at one point in time in my life.

Now I can only agree with the message of Reclaiming Our Space, but unfortunately I couldn’t relate because I’ve always felt there were bigger issues at hand which is saving the planet for the youth.

Feminista Jones, helped me escape this on-going narrative in my head by bringing me back to issues in society, but it only inspired me to be a voice to help get the black community on board , and realize we soon won’t have a society if we don’t get with the program by making personal changes to heal and save the planet.

Throughout the book I kept receiving the same message over and over… #weallwegot…and while reading the book I kept understanding, Black Feminist Black Women, Black people in general all know this message and believe it to our core, no matter where they are from. Yet, fail to put action in this phrase that we all live under.

From our Ancestors who cared for the earth, to blacks being born in the alpha generation and forward, if #weallwegot or #wegotthis really mattered why are we letting the one thing that keep us united die?

Our Mother Earth.

Reclaiming Our Space, brings us blacks together as a species, and Feminista Jones is right in studying and emphasizing it. However, I believe before blacks are able to reclaim our space, we must reclaim our purpose because at the end of day we fail to forget that we don’t need anyone else because #wegotthis… and #weareallwegot as a culture and a solution to saving and healing a dying planet, everyone is trying to claim space on.

The moment we stop fighting for a spot in the dead world, we would no longer need to “Reclaim Space or Time” because we are now at a time, where we are needed the most, and can’t be copied.

I recommend this book to a person who wants to understand Black Feminist, the man who belittles woman and doesn’t respect their capabilities. The study is for the sleep and the woke conscious because there is a powerful message in the book that provokes your thoughts, all while reminding the reader no matter what race, gender, or religion they are, #wegotthis.

You can purchase the book through an Amazon Link where I get a small compensation through affiliation.


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