Sis, He’s Not Into You

With all due respect, I can not fathom the fact I am actually writing this post, but here I am.

He’s not into you, should be a sign that is clear to most women and girls due to of the many publications of posts, videos, quotes, movies, and girl-talks, that replay the signs of a guy who does not want you.

Sadly, for some reason, many women/girls still have a hard time to believe it. Maybe it’s our narcissistic drives, ( I’ve read that women are narcissists somewhere), for all my feminists out there who have something to say about that statement, “Girl, I know.”

Back to the topic.

I am not a therapist and God! I wish I became one because, I do not know how many times I need to be an ear for another woman’s confusion, and figure out a polite way to explain to her, that whatever guy she is trying to be with is not into her, and she deserves so much better.

Part of me wants to go into a list of signs that help women recognize signs of whether or not a guy is right for them. However, I am going to make this an uplifting message for the sisters out there struggling to find out whether or not he is into you — and I mean sisters as in the female sex.


Sis, I just want to let you know dating is not hard. When a man is into you, there is no stress or worry about where he is, what he is doing, and other females in his phone.

Once a man is ready to be with a woman that he loves, adores, and see a future with, he will not play mind games with you or leave you up in the clouds. You will be mentally and emotionally secure.

Men are not confusing, and if they are, then there’s a reason why. Unless you enjoy being confused, you do not need to deal with why he is ghosting or only coming around as soon as you decide to move on, etc.

You might be asking how do you know all this, and my answer to you sis is; I’ve dated plenty of men, and I am married now. I’ve learned the difference between a good man and one that is not into me for my higher good.



Now, Sis, I need you to get out of this cycle of falling for men who are not good for you.

Your excuses may be, “ But Krystle, I’m honestly afraid of loneliness,” or my favorite excuse, “ Krystle, we’ve known each other for so long.”

Sorry, with me being your shoulder to lean on and vent to, that will not slide, all you are doing honey is wasting time.

You are not alone.

As far as knowing someone for so long, take a step back and see what significance that person has brought into your life besides confusion, heartache, stagnation, etc.

Yes! Great things might have happened during the time spent together, but as my mother has always told me if the good does not outweigh the bad, you need to let it go.

While letting everything go, keep in mind it is okay to cherish the good memories, while you put on your big girl panties, and throw up the “Deuces.”

Now I know it gets lonely after a while, but that’s when you are allowed to become completely selfish. That trip you never got to take focus on taking it, maybe your new boo is waiting for you there.

You never know where the path of being alone and finding out who you are will lead you.

From this, Sis, I would like you to promise yourself the following:

I deserve better, and less heart/headache. I will accomplish my goals. During the waiting/healing process and I will take prior to meeting a man who is into me, I will practice loving myself more by being honest to my spirit, kind to my body & mind, and stop falling for the small changes that he makes out of boredom to be with me that may be blocking me from the biggest change of my life filled with love and security.

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