Sagittarius crave adventure and are curious people. They enjoy talking and knowledge and enjoy a parter with an optimistic approach. If the fire sign can stay long enough to develop an emotional attraction with a potential water sign, they might have lots of fun in and outside of the bedroom. Let’s explore how deep this fire sign can go if they dive into the water out of curiosity.

Pisces: This water sign is full of mystery, while they can be emotionally creative, they can easily adapt to change. While the fire sign is out exploring and learning about various cultures and places, coming across a Pisces will complete their wanderlust vibe and take them on a full ride to an exciting unknown in and outside of the bedroom. The Pisces is risqué and the Sagittarius doesn’t mind participating and exploring their kinky side. These two can get lost in an engaging night of role play and erotic games, that both tantalizer’s the mind and the body.

Cancer: If these two ever decide to get past a casual conversation instead of going in opposite directions, they will find themselves having lots of steamy sex. The emotionally driven water sign, will find themselves submitting to a dominating Sagittarius, which will keep the fire sign craving more. The two enjoy trying new things in bed and filling the bedroom with candles, and aromatic essentials they can be intertwined with one another for hours on end.

Scorpio KrystleinbedScorpio: This passionately driven water sign will have a hard time trying to tame and dominate a spontaneous Sagittarius. When it comes to sex a Scorpio is intense and the fire sign will have to be more in-tuned emotionally if they want to conquer the sexual beast, Scorpio.

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