People who are born with the zodiac Sagittarius, have a fire element. This shapes their personality to be. Little more free-spirited than the rest, craving adventure, seducing others and not getting attached, giving love, and enjoying life. One would think two people with the same element might not get along well, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have a great time in the bedroom, even if it’s just for one night. Let’s explore what a Sagittarius is like in bed with their fellow fire element zodiac signs.

Aries: These two fire signs hit it off from the jump start. They are both full of passion in and outside of the bedroom. The Aries leading characteristic will be led by a playful Sagittarius making their bedroom scene hot and full of adventure. These two are willing to have sex almost anywhere and will have many risqué encounters using passion to keep their sex full of life.

Leo: When this duo finds themselves in bed with one another, they are able to be completely free. For once or many times in their life they will realize they have found their sexual match. Their bedroom scene would be filled with lots of games, and role play. The dominating Leo will spark Sagittarius adventure side which will lead the two on a path full of risqué and kinky sex.

Sagittarius: When two Sagittarius connect they will be always be on the go. Their love for exploration will fall into the bedroom and they will push each other’s sexual limits to the edge (with consent). However, they usually end up only having a one night stand with their shared zodiac sign mate. If these two want to continue a sexual bond they have to remember to think about their partners needs and not get caught up in their own pleasure.

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