People who are born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius are known to be the wanderers of the world. They enjoy knowledge, exploring, arts, and culture. Conversations about the unknown while engaging in an outdoor activity, such as hiking, will be the highlight of a love affair for the fire sign. While they are known to be independent and can have one-night stands or be in a longterm relationship, it is only fair to explore whether or a Sagittarius is able to be tamed, or tame an independent, social air sign.


Aquarius: When this duo gets together they will find their independent match. Neither of them wants to feel tied down, and they both give each other the right amount of space. The couple would engage in lots of deep conversations that will not be driven by emotion, but passion, on their favorite topics. Sex would be wild and emotionless since neither one of them wants to deal with commitment, and they can expect a lot of role-playing, with both of them switching between submissiveness and dominance.

Gemini-KrystleinbedGemini: An opposite attraction occurs when these two lovebirds are together. On the zodiac chart, they are each other opposite, and they are both curious. Neither person of each zodiac minds a one-night stand. A fire sign who gets lost in an adventure will lose the curious air sign who get distracted easily. However, their bedroom scene will be hot with lots of explicit sex talk. These two are willing to have erotic sex just about anywhere, since neither one can be tamed sexually.

Libra-lrystleinbedLibra: A romantic air sign, will take the fire sign on a wild adventure. People born under Sagittarius are big hearted love partners, who enjoy being seduced. These two will engage in lots of passionate sex that will last all night. Their sexual relationship can turn into partnership if the fire sign remembers to continuously seduce the air sign even while they are out exploring the world.

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