Yeast Infections can be irritating.  You always have to watch what you wear, eat and regulate the products you use for personal hygiene.

While antibiotics can be the cure for the overgrown fungus, they usually bring on more health problems or increase your chances of getting more yeast because your vagina becomes stripped of its original amount of bacteria and yeast.

Now, you might be saying wait a minute yeast is in my vagina? The answer is yes.

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Yeast Infection is a fungus called Candida.  Yeast lives in the vagina to help regulate its pH balance but becomes a problem when too much candida and bacteria begins to grow.  When the infection occurs, it causes itching, irritation, abnormal discharge and sometimes a foul smell in the genital region, it can also be transferred to the mouth and anus. Many people fail to realize a person doesn’t have to engage in any type of sexual activity for a yeast infection to appear since yeast is a prominent bacteria that live in our bodies.

While antibiotics can be the cure for the overgrown fungus, they usually bring on more health problems. Luckily, there are natural herbs to treat the smelly, itchy fungi that won’t strip the vagina of its natural substance.

Through research, I came up with a tea blend using organic herbs that help fight and tame yeast infections, using lemongrass and ginger:

Herb Benefits:

Lemongrass is an Asian herb found in most Asian dishes and is also a refreshing tea ingredient. The herb aids in stomach ease and its anti-inflammation properties can relieve tea drinkers from overgrown candidiasis.

Ginger is an anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory root that is capable of breaking down a yeast infection, reducing nausea, and fighting bacteria and regulating blood sugar.

You can easily purchase this tea blend  from my collection Sensual Intentions, from my shop Healing Intentions Natural by merely clicking on the following link:

Balanced Yoni

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3 thoughts on “Get Rid of Yeast Infections Naturally by drinking an Herbal Tea- Balanced Yoni

  1. This is an EXCELLENT post!
    Yeast infections are ridiculous and people don’t realise yeast is inside us all the time. Nor do they realise what can encourage yeast to grow. Being a person with Diabetes, I had them chronically. Until I read something about nuts and stopped eating them. I used to eat peanut butter all the time, nuts were one of my favorite snack foods. In reading, I noticed several sites mentioning the fungus in nuts can cause yeast infections..or something to that nature. As mentioned, I stopped eating those delicious treats and have only had two infections since. Both times when I inadvertently ate things with peanuts or pistachios. What one eats is huge in how your body reacts. I miss the protein, I do NOT miss the infections!

  2. Wow! I’m allergic to nuts and I didn’t know they caused yeast infections. I’m going to share this info thank you. I was told my salt intake induced yeast infections, so cutting back on that and sweets has helped alot. However once I found this recipe that doesn’t come with side effects that yeast infections medicines usually lead to I had to share and sell.

  3. research it a bit first! But, it truly changed my life. (that is a trite comment, but in this case, incredibly true!!!) I eat way too many sweets, but not having those darn infections is huge!!!

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