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Book Title: The Concise Art of Seduction
Author: Robert Greene
Page Numbers: 204
Genre: Self-help
Format: Paperback (Concise Art of SeductionPurchase on Amazon)





” Your words must lift people into the clouds, where it is easy for them to lose their way.” – Robert Greene, The Concise Art of Seduction

Do you ever want to understand a person’s intentions?
If so, The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene is just the book for you.

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About The Book

The Concise Art Of Seduction is a self-help book, where the author (Robert Greene), helps you identify what type of seducer you are, with little secrets on how to determine the kind of person you might want to seduce, and the signs of a person you don’t want to be seduced by.

This 200+ page book is not a book you would read from cover to cover. You can pick it up from any of the 24 chapters and use the information as a lesson for the day.

Readers of the book will learn how to maneuver in a seduced society ( dating life), whether they want to be victims or the aggressor. A reader is also able to decide on whether or not if they’re going to change their seduction strategy and become an entirely different seducer.

The Art of Seduction is a two-part book. One part is for people who want to know more about their seductive strategies and learn about others. While the second part is for people, who want to learn how to seduce and succeed in a seduction.

My Thoughts:

I have read The Concise Art of Seduction many times. Since I was familiar with Greene’s writing style the first time I read the book was to learn about the type of seducer I was, and trying to figure out the kind of seducer I was dating at the time

This last reading I did for this review I read from cover to cover, and I skipped the side notes; but, I learned this book is filled with lots of information that I never knew before.

Some parts of the book I had to reread many sections. In previous readings, I stayed in one part of the book. This last reading, I found myself flipping back and forth with seduction strategies and seducer characteristics that made me ask questions, try suggested tips to seduce, and observe mine and other people ways of seduction.

This book has taught me everyone has their own way of seducing and while some can identify with one identity, many are on a seduction spectrum and can maneuver between others depending on their environment and the people they are trying to impress.


I would recommend this book to the curious, a person who is just breaking into the dating world, and someone who is already dating around but might have feelings of being lost.

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