A lot is happening in the news, many things they do not share on television. Information that is important for the future of women, all women no matter how they describe themselves.

  1. Women’s rights for domestic violence and sexual assault definition has gone back 50 years.
  2. New York has passed an abortion law that allows a woman to have an abortion up until the third trimester and if a woman is a victim of an assault while pregnant which causes the fetus to die, the assaulter will not be charged for a crime.
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While these are only a few changes I have come across for women, it is happening, and it doesn’t seem like American woman are going to be safe, for long.

The question is why?

For years, women have been suffering, and it’s not one race of women, it’s all women, in almost every culture on the planet. Throughout history, men oppressed woman.

Very seldom a woman would defeat the oppression, and it caused a respectable, breath-taking revolution for the wellbeing of women.

Still, it took women many years to obtain a voice, join together, and make an enlightening difference in the world, and now it’s being wiped out.

Many would say, it’s because of religion, men were always Gods, leaders and superior because of their strength, etc.

Religious people fail to realize it’s more than that here in the US. Women who identify as religious tend to be protected if they follow the law of their chosen religion.

Living in a country with free religion (U.S.) forces a divide to occur that puts women in a hard place; e.g., start a new fight for our rights and get hurt, or become silent.

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“Women have a right to be free, and a man has a right to damage her for it.”

The above quote is an example thought a person could conclude from the few changes that are occurring in American society towards women.

Women already deal with a lot no matter their sexual orientation, and to instill more fear in us, by taking away a piece of protection for wanting to be respected and recognized as a human being is absurd.

The fear of men losing control only hurts women. While these changes shouldn’t only be put on men because women have gained enough power to be in offices to make and fight for our rights as a sisterhood, it just makes sense to believe something isn’t right.

It’s hard to tell whether or not American women should be afraid. However, a person should wonder, “What have women done to be in such predicaments, after all, that we have accomplished and trying to maintain?”

If you have answers to these questions, please leave a comment.

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