There are many ways to invite more pleasure into the bedroom. While many people turn to sex toys and gadgets to switch up their sex lives, they fail to realize they have a device they are using daily which also invites more pleasure into their bedroom; smartphones.

You might be thinking, how can a smartphone invite pleasure into the bedroom?

No longer will you have to wonder, the answer is sexting.

While sexting may seem like something teenagers do for fun, it is actually more enjoyable when two consensual adults are partaking in the playful sex 2.jpg

If you are unaware of what sexting is, check out Free Sexting Sites, blog post, What Is Sexting And What You Need To Know. Their post on sexting gives a brief definition of what sexting is, who does it, and how to get the most benefits out of the fun, communicative activity.

Now that you have an idea of what sexting is the following lists five ways it can make the bedroom a pleasure zone:

  1. More Pleasure: When you engage in sexting it helps you refocus your attention on your partner needs as well as your own. When two people are involved with each other and not focused on an orgasmic goal they both experience a sensual charge of pleasure. Sexting slows your hormones down because you have to come up with catchy and inviting ways to keep you and your partner in the mood for more. Dirty talking brings more pleasure because you both spend lots of time building the mood instead of jumping each other bones right away. suggests, “spend time building up the mood and enjoying the experience,” to invite more pleasure into your life through sexting.
  2. Enhances Roleplay: Sexting allows you to get creative. Since the activity occurs through messaging apps, it will enable people to feel more comfortable relaying their desires and fantasies without being rejected in person. It also makes the mind wander about all of the ways those fantasies can be satisfying if a couple or sexual partners agree to bring them to life later on.
  3. Builds Sexual Tension: After having a sexting session, a person can get really riled up and lost in their minds about all the possible sexual scenarios or photos they’ve shared with someone. If sexting leads to the bedroom at the end of a session, a person is able to refer back to the conversation during their private time to keep themselves sexually anxious for the planned sexual session ahead.
  4. Brings People Closer Together Intimately: When two people engage in sexting, it helps them create a bond. Only they know they are sharing these intimate conversations with each whether or not it turns physical. Since people are sharing their dirtiest sexual fantasies with each other, it helps them understand their sexting partner on an intimate level. This understanding can lead to a deeper connection emotionally, physically, and conversationally. Due to this new found sexual bond through sexting, it can turn into a relationship, full of intimacy.
  5. Increases Arousal: Since sexting can lead to tension it makes it easy for a person to be aroused when it is time to show up to the bedroom. Sexting is good for women and men who take their time getting aroused. It helps them get a headstart through dirty talks and anxious for their next sexual encounter with their partner.freesex.jpg

If you are ready to turn your bedroom into a pleasure zone, talk to your partner about sexting and see if they are up for it.

If you don’t have a partner and want to sext, or you don’t know how to introduce sexting to your current partner check out Free Sexting Sites has lots of tips, advice, and concerns you might have about sexting whether it is new for you or you’ve been sexting for a long time.

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    This is a great article. For us, sexting is important. I can’t agree more on that it builds the tension, adds more and in the end, brings us closer together.

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