One sexual health concern many people have is a waning sex drive. Many products on the market guarantee a “better sex life,” but comes with side effects that do not get rid of the problem and cause more. Little do people know or fail to realize is one alternative that has been on the market for centuries; Herbal Tea ( Tisane).

Herbal Teas are known to have many healing benefits. They are used to relieve symptoms of many ailments whether they are physical, mental, or spiritual.

Tisane also has a therapeutic aroma that brings pleasure to our senses unintentionally. One more thing to note about herbal teas is they are made for almost every affair, mood, and thought, to rouse sublime change.

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A Little History on Herbal Teas:

Tea and herbal teas date back to centuries ago and have always been known for their health and healing properties throughout the years. Today, the World Health Organization (WHO), have declared almost 80% of people turn to herbs for its medicinal purposes. While it may be hard to get a doctor to prescribe an herb for an illness, in some cases, herbs are used if a person’s body does not respond to its given counterpart; synthetic drug.

Despite herbs long history of medical and healing use, they are not the first antidote medical professionals turn to. Due to regulations by the Food and Drug Administrators, herbs and spices used in teas are labeled as dietary supplements.

To make a long story short when using herbs for medicinal use it is best to do your own research about spice and herb ingredients to see which ones would work best for you.

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My Herbal Tea Adventure:

I have been an avid tea drinker for many years and have known/experienced some of the beneficial pleasures for quite some time. However, it wasn’t until recently I started exploring the benefits herbal teas have for sexual wellness and pleasure, after using tisanes to rid myself from migraines.

Every year, I go to my physician for an annual check-up and try to convince my doctor to prescribe me drugs, to relieve me from the agonizing pain of migraines. My convincing tactics were never successful, and instead of getting a prescription from a doctor I was told to keep a migraine journal and try to find a “natural” remedy.

Research became my best friend, I was loaded with information on the use of natural herbs that helped relieve a person from pain. Natural herbs helped me change my diet, environment, daily habits, etc.  I was also led to tea blending.

While other eliminations from my life may have helped relieved me from the atrocious migraines, I believe it is the tea. This new found natural remedy I began to indulge in, led me into everchanging research of figuring out all of the benefits herbal teas can provide.

As a sex writer, I put sexual health and wellness to the test with herbal teas. I wanted to know whether or not they can help with a waning sex drive, feminine health, male sexual health, and other sexual concerns people tend to be concerned about. I knew people used herbal teas for vagina steaming ( a cleanse for the vagina). I took it further to see what happens if you ingested the blends for sexual health and pleasure.

Herbal teas have made my bedroom scene hot and steamy. Since I began this journey it’s hard for me to keep my hands to myself- I crave my Sir a little too much. The results of drinking herbal tea have made me more creative in bed, and I am now relaxed enough to let go and allow myself to enjoy orgasms again.

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In Bed With Tea:

Prior to drinking herbal teas focused on my sexual wellbeing, I felt as if my sex drive waning a bit. I would fluctuate between naturally being able to lubricate and vaginal dryness. Concerned about these changes in my body I would have long conversations with my physician, and all I got was it’s normal, and it happens with age.

As a sex educator, I felt that wasn’t my case, I came to realize my pH balance was really off and the only way to rebalance it was through creams, medications, or naturally with herbs, ( similar to migraines).

While I don’t have any underlying diseases, it was easy for me to choose the herbal route.  My journey has also included my partner to help men see they too can use herbs to reconnect and gain control of their sexual health.

In conclusion, herbal teas have been around for centuries, while its still reasonably new what benefits they offer for sexual health, the signs are clear to me that it might be the one thing we need to keep our sexual health alive and active.

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