Sagittarius enjoy adventures and collecting information. They are a fire sign who tend to find themselves engaging in one night stands, and lack emotions as well as knowing how to commit. Their eager drive for exploring attracts people who are born with Earth as their element. Hard-working earth signs are able to relax and enjoy the moment when they find themselves connected with a Sagittarius. It’s only fair to wonder whether or not the fire sign is able to keep up with an Earth signs drive, focus, and determination to please.

Krystle In BedCapricorn: When a Sagittarius and Capricorn find themselves intimately connected, they get lost in a sexual escapade that can go on for a very long time. Capricorns animal lust is matched with Sagittarius athletic and unusual characteristics. The two can be in bed for hours exploring one another physically, emotionally, and spiritually while their bodies remain intertwined with one another. For these two trying to turn their passionate, filled lust into love, the Sagittarius will need to be able to trust a Capricorns work-oriented lifestyle. While a Capricorn must trust a Sagittarius explorative nature.

Krystle In BedTaurus: This determined bull is able to keep the fire sign on track. Although they have opposite traits, they have a lot in common in the bedroom. These two will find themselves lusting over each other uncontrollably anywhere. Sagittarius crave for adventure expands Taurus dominating demeanor, to more risque sexual acts, that will keep the earth sign yearning for more.



Krystle In BedVirgo: This Earth and Fire pair are both attracted to the great outdoors. They challenge each others minds, and balance it out in the bedroom. Virgo’s characteristic that aims to please has a tendency to submit to a Sagitarrius which allows the fire sign to relax enough to explore every aspect of Virgo. These two are bound to have an exciting love affair in and outside of the bedroom that will last.

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