Scorpio’s drive for passion makes them crave drama and emotional intensity. Their mysterious personality keeps any relationship they are in spicy. Scorpio’s enjoys getting lost in fantasies and going on adventures. This water sign is one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac when they are in a relationship. Passionately led by emotion, one would only have to wonder when a Scorpio finds themselves intimate with another water sign, let us explore.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 3.45.15 PMPisces:  When these two signs get involved their fantasies become the realm of their world. Passionate Scorpio compliments Pisces magical being. Scorpio and Pisces can be soulmates. Scorpio’s adept existence is the piece emotionally driven Pisces needs. The two balance each other out in and outside of the bedroom. Sex is emotional for the water signs. They share sensuality and are both quite adequate when it comes to role-playing, which is surprisingly both of their favorite.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 3.44.06 PMCancer: These two have opposite perspectives of the world, and their differences are what keeps the two head over hills for one another. Scorpios want to control, it is apart of their dominating nature. The water sign is also driven by emotions and passion, while a Cancer is driven by emotion. In the bedroom, they are in sync with one another. Cancer is responsive and shares the same amount of exotic ideas as their fellow water mate. Scorpio’s enjoy a more sensual approach to lovemaking, while Cancer is willing to give whatever they need to satisfy their lover. These two will end up finding themselves teaching each other many valuable sensual lessons.

Scorpio KrystleinbedScorpio: Scorpio and Scorpio is a beautiful, yet disastrous affair. They are similar to one another. They will burn with intense emotion and drive themselves crazy because of their own secret, mysterious ways. Their bedroom will be on fire, fueled by emotion, passion, and power. As long as the Scorpions are able to keep their need for control, controlled, these two will have quite a love fair.

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