Scorpio’s enjoy having control. They are dominators who make sure their partners are well taken care of all while being charming and romantic. Since the water sign is driven by passion, this can stir up a lot of heat in the bedroom with a determined, passionate, hard-working earth sign. Two determined signs are sure to have a strong sexual attraction in and outside of the bedroom. Let’s explore whether or not this love match will remember to keep their sex lives full of passion and order.

Krystle In BedCapricorn: This earth sign’s security will leave a Scorpio head over heels in passionate lust. Capricorns have stamina in the bedroom and is able to keep up with the waters sign eagerness to satisfy their partner into domination. Sex between them will be fulfilled as long as they are willing to completely let go of their goals in life while in bed. The connection they share after a successful sex life can lead them to a long-term, sexually satisfying relationship.


Krystle In BedTaurus: When this duo becomes a sexual pair they will be driven by a strong sexual attraction. They both enjoy slow love-making and will bring out the best in each other in and outside of the bedroom. Taurus and Scorpio’s are the meaning of opposites attract because they balance each other out, and can cohabit in harmony. Taurus will keep the emotionally charged water sign grounded in and outside of the bedroom, making their sex life rage with passion and emotion.


Krystle In BedVirgo: This earth keeps a cool composure, once the water sign passes all of the Virgo’s tests and is able to get one in bed they realize they have a shared desire/drive, PASSION. These two aim to satisfy their, partner and can usually get lost putting their own needs to the side, but the duo reminds the other to take care of themselves from time to time. The bedroom scene would be intense, steamy, and sexually fulfilling. These two can be in bed for hours exploring one another, having deep conversations and building a trusting security foundation if they are able to respect each other’s personal space and time.

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