Scorpios tend to be reticent people. They like to stick to themselves and open up when they feel as if they are in an environment that matches their vibes. Driven by passion, the water sign stays beneath the surface and likes order. A scorpion is mysterious and can excite an exploring, sociable zodiac which is born with air as its element.

The question is would these two have the same attraction in the bedroom?

Aquarius-KrystleinbedAquarius: This duo is an exciting match. The Aquarius is highly independent and free, while a Scorpio is possessive and dominating. These opposing characters can work well in the bedroom, with the Aquarius needing to find a way to escape and the water sign passionately trying to tame them.  Bondage play would be one of the chief excitements for this love match. The air sign would bring variability to the bedroom keeping their water sign busy trying to dominate and please them in every imaginable way. On the other hand, Scorpio’s intensity will have an Aquarius yearning, to explore more sexually.

Gemini-KrystleinbedGemini: When this water and pair become intimate they find out quickly that they share sexual compatibility.  Scorpio aggressively experiments with sex while Gemini will be the passionate and physical lover.  These two will engage in explicit sex talk in and outside of the bedroom. Throughout their sexual relationship, they will be tied together with spontaneity from exploring one another’s unpredictable sexual desires and nature.

Libra-lrystleinbedLibra: This air sign has an open mind about sex that excites Scorpio. In this love affair, the dominating and aim to please Libra will be submissive in bed with a Scorpio. The water sign will be comfortable exploring all of their desires and sexual fantasies with ease once they are ready to go to bed with a Libra. These two will share a natural sexual bond and remain attracted to one another due to Libra’s strong libido being able to handle the dominating Scorpio.

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