When people hear someone is a sex writer they have this sublime image of the persons’ life filled with lots of hot sex. Although some of that may be true, there is a dark side to side of being a sex writer: Loneliness.

There are many types of loneliness, and the following list are seven types of lonely feelings people can relate to, to help them identify a kind of loneliness they are experiencing, published in Psychology Today, by Gretchen Rubin

1. New situation loneliness
2. I’m Different loneliness
3.No sweet-heart loneliness
4.No animal loneliness
5.No time for me loneliness
6.Untrustworthy friends loneliness
7.Quiet Presence loneliness

Different backgrounds of people deal with different types of loneliness, but one that possibly sticks out for a sex blogger/writer can “I’m Different Loneliness.”

In summary, Rubin describes I’m Different Loneliness as a feeling a person can have when they don’t share the same interests with the people around and vice-versa.

Loneliness comes from an unhappy place. It’s best to detect what it is that is causing a person to feel lonely. Although, it is a feeling that most writers suffer from since most writers choose to be alone to get a creative flow.

Sex bloggers can find themselves trapped in a state of “I’m Different Loneliness,” outside of the blogging community. Since many people feel uneasy with topics regarding sex.

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It’s a shameless livelihood, with many types of lonelinesses and excellent benefits to overcome the saddening feeling of being alone, by finding many new ways to practice self- love.

Sex blogging is a therapeutic way to overcome loneliness. It is a way to integrate feelings of loneliness, with a pleasurable experience a person can have with themselves. All while sharing their findings with many uncomfortable and shameful people.

The feeling of being different for sex bloggers can be a form of a crave that brings them with freedom. It’s the calmness of being able to love oneself the way nobody else can.
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  1. I agree with this. I started writing about sex, steamy romantic fiction and erotica because I am good with words (I write elsewhere too) but found that I needed an outlet to push my boundaries, my creativity somewhere. Since I have a fairly active fantasy life I thought, why not write them down, see what happens? So I did.

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