Libra’s the balancers of the zodiac signs, due to their symbol being a scale are air signs. People born under this zodiac are known to be dominant in the bedroom. They also pride themselves on being the best sex a person has had. While this pride is humble, and they aim to please their sexual partners, it’s curious to know if they are sexual matches with signs who share the same element as them.

Aquarius-KrystleinbedAquarius: When this pair of air signs attract one another, the Aquarius will be nurturing to a Libra. The two share a problem with being indecisive and it helps make them a match for one another. In the bedroom, an Aquarius would bring creativity which a Libra enjoys from a sex partner. They will both lead in the bedroom, while Libra will continue to be the more aggressive one. However, an open mind will keep the two bedroom scene on the kinky side.

Gemini-KrystleinbedGemini: It takes communication to attract a Gemini. Lucky for Libra, they are seducers of communication. In the bedroom, the two will have explicit conversations that keep the flame between them alive. While a Gemini is passionate and physical, the Libra will continue to dominate their love scene with sensual stimulation.

Libra-lrystleinbedLibra: When a Libra finds themselves in bed with another Libra they will find themselves in pure romance. Since they both share an interest in mesmerizing environments balancing harmony in the bedroom will be the least of their problems. They will only have classy sex. Which will be sensual and creative. Since the two both share dominance the bedroom scene will be power match filled with enchanting lovemaking, turning sex into art if someone was to look from the outside in.

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