When a person finds themselves in bed with a Scorpio they are sure to find themselves deeply immersed in their own emotions as well as their scorpion partner.

Scorpio’s tend to have a hard exterior, but they are driven by their emotions and full of passion. This passion leads them to a sex life full of sensuality and lustful energy which intrigues a potential partner.

People fail to realize how emotionally driven scorpions are. Although it is hard to get under the water signs tough skin, their built up emotions are free to be released sexually.

Scorpios passionate drive is strong and is on the verge of exploding, which makes their sex known to be toe-curling and orgasmic. They are dominant in the bedroom, and enjoy a person who is able to switch between submissiveness and dominance, in order to keep things exciting.

A potential partner is bound to explore kink once they find themselves in bed with the water sign. They must be open to try everything at least once.

Roleplaying and fantasies will come alive if a person wants to explore this side of them. Despite the water signs dominance, they can sit back and allow their partners to take control of the bedroom scene without an urgency to control, since keeping emotions built up can be tiresome.

If a person wants to become intimate with a Scorpio, they must be ready for their seismic emotional rollercoaster, and able to tame the beast when they are on an explosive path in need of release- keeping the sex creative as a submissive partner, and reassuring the water sign thkeeping the boss and loved in and outside of the bedroom.

Passion, is a strong emotion and equates to a satisfying sex life, which a Scorpio knows. Determination and passion is one of many ways a person will find themselves in bed the water sign, Scorpio.

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