People who are born as the zodiac Sagittarius enjoy adventures and activities. This enjoyment is also found in the bedroom.

The fire signs enjoy sexual exploration, and erotic encounters can have them rush and ideal mate to the bedroom, with shared consent of course. Sadly, this aloof approach to intimacy and love usually winds them up having many one night stand.

Anything goes in the bedroom for Sagittarius. They have strong stamina and are satisfied when they know their partner is which makes their sex appetite larger than most.

Sagittarius has a laid back demeanor and are independent people. While they enjoy searching for knowledge, they are turned off by boring conversations. While dating, they look for someone who is optimistic, honest, and independent, to summarize it they need someone who is confident, but not narcissistic.

In the bedroom, they are quickly turned off and will cause tension with someone who is only about their personal sexual gratification. As long as a potential mate is willing to share their arousal with their Sagittarian mate, they would be able to have a free-flowing enjoyable sexual experience.

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