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Book Title: A Dirty Word, How a Sex Writer Reclaimed Her Sexuality
Author: Steph Auteri
Pages: 231
Genre: Self- Help, NonFiction

” That means alot Krystle! I wrote the book for woman in general, but I love how its also enabled me to connect with and relate to other sex writers because of our shared experiences.” – Steph Auteri


Sex writer, Steph Auteri, shares the sexual challenges she’s had to overcome behind the scenes of her evergrowing sex writing career in her book,  A Dirty Word.

Auteri has managed to be every woman on their sexual journey despite their sexual preference, expertise, or relationship status. In her tell-all book, Auteri does not sugar code her thoughts, dating mishaps, or changes she experienced with her body throughout her sexual journey. 

In A Dirty word, Auteri tackles all areas of a woman’s journey to sexual freedom. She normalizes the roles woman play when they begin taking control of their sex lives, through life lessons and references to Come As You Are. Auteri learned and shared how she was able to overcome any obstacle put in her way through personal experience.

My Thoughts:

I related to A Dirty Word as a sex writer because I shared some of the same experiences she had in her sex writing career, but Auteri explained to me on Twitter, she wrote the book for all woman. 

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She is right because there are many lessons taught through Steph’s journey, I am sure many women will be able to relate to, learn from, and possibly note for reference. 

A Dirty Word is a quick read filled with many learned lessons. It is a book I will refer back to and reread if I feel stuck or lost on my journey as a sex writer.

It is a book that I was able to connect to, and now I know I am not alone.


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