Alien OG is a cloned strain from California’s Bay Area. It is an Indica Hybrid, and according to Leafly, it is one of the most potent strains of today.

I was drawn to Alien OG because of its name ( Don’t Judge Me). While I enjoy Indica over the past couple of strains I have smoked they have been hybrids or Sativa. I initially wanted Alien OG as a flower and not in the cartridge format, but at my time of purchase, the cartridge was all they had left, and I understand why.

Alien OG is a smooth hit, from the cartridge with very light smoke, and it hits you fast. Since it is an Indica hybrid, you don’t feel the body high until the very end because the strain starts in your head first. You can smoke it in the daytime and still get a lot of work done, but you do crash when the starts to take its full effect.

Indica makes me tired and stuck, and if you are like me, I don’t recommend you smoke it in the daytime if you have night plans.

In Bed Experience:

Of course, I had sex after smoking Alien OG, and I must say it was quite fun. I had a lot of energy, and I also felt strong, which allowed me to dominate in the bedroom. I really enjoy my high while having sex after smoking the hybrid because it made me present in the moment.

I was able to pay attention to the things I experienced during the love-making session, as well as pay attention to my husband’s body language. I felt completely self-less.

I was able to have more than one orgasm, but once the session was over, I did not have enough energy to engage in round two. The OG relaxed my body enough, so it was able to be fully aroused during the entire duration of the sexual encounter. I must say this is by far the best Indica Hybrid I have come across.

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