January is the month of acknowledging the beauty and benefits of self-love. While self-love is a practice we try to indulge in almost every day of our lives, it is only right to set the first month of the year as it’s recognition month.

You might be thinking, this is easy, I don’t need a month to recognize loving myself, but you fail to realize those thoughts and many others are the reason why you should take a step back and re-evaluate the meaning of self-love and find new ways to indulge in it.

Many people get self-love and self-care confused, and I was one of them. After a little more research I realized I was substituting self-love with self-care practices. Although that is okay, it was causing me more harm than good ( financially). Once I recognized the difference loving myself became more natural and less expensive.

For me, self-love is checking in with myself and making sure I am honest to the core OKAY!

I emphasized on the “okay” because sometimes we can get trapped in saying we’re fine just because we don’t want others to dig any deeper- due to our “procrastinating” society teaching us to make outside things more critical than our well-being.

Checking in with your self is comforting, it helps you get grounded again, and refocuses you back to whatever your intentions are/were. To top it all off, it doesn’t cost you anything.

There are many resources and tips on how to love yourself, and I’ve skimmed through a number of them for years, what I have come to realize is that they all share the same message, which I have gained for myself through my practice which follows;


It almost took me most of my 20’s to figure this message out, and once I understood the meaning and tested the theory, I found it to be true.

In conclusion, if I have inspired you to practice self-love let’s talk about ways you might indulge in self-love or messages/mantras/affirmations you have come up with or learned during your practice in the comments.

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Originally published at krystleinbed.com on January 5, 2019.

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