Cannabis has been in the media a lot in the last couple of years. While marijuana is not legal across the U.S., many states are continuously passing laws to decriminalize and legalize the psychoactive drug.

Due to the passing of laws allowing recreational use of Cannabis, dispensaries such as MedMen, have come along to ensure consumers of marijuana are able to receive a product that is grown in facilities that test and produce cannabis in various forms for anyone in need of the healing plant.

Medmen is one convenient way to shop for weed because you can view the product online and get a detailed description of what the strand provides and it’ll be ready for you to pick it up within 2 hours.

As an avid weed smoker, I gave Medmen a try and ordered a disposable cartridge designed by Dompen. The strain was a hybrid, and it is named Pineapple Coast. Surprisingly, it smelled like and tasted like pin


Pineapple Coast was a relaxing high. Since it was a hybrid, I felt content smoking it. It is 500mg of hybrid oil, and it lasted for a month and a half.

After smoking pineapple coast, I approached sex in a focused manner. I paid attention to my surroundings as well as the sounds my partner would make when I touched him a certain way.

My sense of touch was heightened. The hybrid also made me more communicative in what I wanted to be pleased. Pineapple Coast made me experience lovemaking on a whole new level. We were sensual and attentive to each other’s reaction to the way we touched each other as well as how it felt to touch.

Since we had the disposable vape for more than a month, each sexual experience we had was different than the other. The high from the vape heightened a different sense each time, whether it was taste, smell, sound, or visual. My lover and I were able to explore each other sexually through our senses which have led us to a deeper connection.

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