Libra’s the air sign, are charismatic and full of charm. People born under the sign enjoy upscale surroundings. For a person to attract a Libra, they must be able to make a good first impression, speak softly and also be sophisticated. To keep a Libra, a potential partner must admire and flatter the air sign. The air sign cares for everyone and can be a people pleaser making sure to not leave anyone out. Which means an ideal partner must be confident and secure when trying to be a Libra’s one and only. Below explores what the caring air sign is like with a passionate, mysterious, or emotionally driven water signs.

Scorpio KrystleinbedScorpio: When these two find each other they are friends who seduce and flirt with one another. Oddly enough the two are also close in the order of zodiac signs, with Libra being first and Scorpio following. In bed, Libra’s are open-minded which Scorpio likes because they can explore their sexual desires and needs without complications. Libra’s are creative in sex, and Scorpio’s are passionate. The two sexual energies combined can keep them in bed for hours due to Libra’s submissiveness and high libido allowing Scorpio to dominate the scene.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 3.45.15 PMPisces: This loving pair will find themselves immersed in cultural dates at art museums and in deep conversations. Libra’s charm and harmonious approach can attract the intuitive water sign, and they both enjoy people. They are lovebirds of the zodiac sign, and in the bedroom, sex brings them even closer and deeper in love. The two are both creative in the bedroom and sex can/will be full of passion. Since the two both aim to please their partners they will get lost in their creative sexual energies filled with erotic sexual fantasies being played out and gentle lovemaking, satisfaction as long as one remembers to be a little more aggressive than the other.


Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 3.44.06 PMCancer: If anything were to happen between these two zodiac signs the Libra would have to make the first move. However, once the water sign Cancer is able to let down their guard the two can have an exciting love affair. Libra’s are seducers, but they are also submissive which means a Cancer will have to be dominant which is not a problem for them ( read In Bed With Cancer).  Once the roles are established between the two, they will find that they both aim to please their partners, but with Libra’s creative approach to sex and Cancer’s responsiveness sex will be magical between the two.


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