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Book Title: Jane Doe
Author: Victoria Helen Stone AKA Victoria Dahl
Genre:  Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Psychological Fiction
Amazon Price: Kindle or Paperback

Jane Doe comes off as an average woman working a 9-5 trying to figure out life on the surface, and underneath she is so much more than anyone can expect.

Pretty flower dresses, lost, and obedient young woman is how Jane portrays herself to a particular guy in her office she’s had her eyes on since she arrived in the midwest. While she plays the role well, it’s what goes on inside of her that captivated the reader in Victoria Helen Stone, aka Victoria Dahl’s latest book.

Jane lives a double life for revenge. In a small town in the midwest, nobody knows who Jane really is, or why she is even in town, while she plays out the most mentally abusive thought-out plan on a man she pretends to fall in love with.

There are sex scenes in the book but they aren’t explicit. Which is fine in this thriller, psychological page-turner.

Stone takes her readers on a hurt woman’s journey that leads them feeling hopeful, curious, and turning the pages for more in the 267-page book. Jane Doe is a fast read that doesn’t leave the reader with questions.

The detail and very well thought-out book hooks its readers with the twists of Jane’s mind as well as the life that is occurring around her without her control.

My Experience:

Jane Doe was a tantalizing read I was sad having to put the book down, and I forced myself to read it slowly, so I didn’t finish it fast. I would recommend this book to someone who is looking for a thrill, maybe getting over a guy or someone who is looking for how to develop a character.

This was my time reading a book by Victoria Stone/Dahl, and I was highly impressed, and I can not wait to read more by her.

In favor of October, this is a perfect fall read for the wall and a cold winter night when you want to be shaken up and get your blood flowing.



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