When it comes to sex or being intimate with a partner, Virgos will spend a lot of time doing research on how to -please, attract, and satisfy- their partner. However, what many fail to realize is that the intellectual zodiac is usually embraced in a cause and can seem as if they are unapproachable. To attract a Virgo, let alone get them in bed one must show stability, hold a good conversation, and enjoy an easygoing lifestyle-patience is vital. Once a person has a Virgo in bed they should expect to be satisfied as well as be able to handle dominating the submissive earth sign. For most water signs being dominant is not an issue and may be one of the reasons they can keep a Virgo heavily invested in making sure their sex lives would be full of pleasure. Now let’s explore Virgo’s in bed with zodiac signs born with a water element.

Scorpio KrystleinbedScorpio: This earth and water duo thrive off of trust and patience, and find themselves at ease when they connect. Scorpio’s are dominant, and Virgos tend to be over analyzers which gives the water sign a leadership role in helping the earth sign relax in the bedroom. The water signs fearless approach to sex will have Virgo exploring their most erotic selves as well as their partners, resulting in a steamy bedroom scene.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 3.45.15 PMPisces: This earth and water match are opposites of each other in many ways. Virgo’s are opposite of each other, while Pisces enjoy getting lost in a fantasizing world. Despite their differences, the two can teach other a thing or two in the bedroom which can lead them into a life full of pleasure. Role-play and the exploration of erotic fantasies will keep the sexually entertained in the bedroom. As long as the two don’t let their opposite personalities clash they can enjoy a lifetime of pleasure together.


Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 3.44.06 PMCancer: When this love match connects the two are able to relax because immediately they feel secure with one another. Since Cancer’s are led by their emotions, they have a tough exterior which a Virgo sees as a challenge to get underneath. In the bedroom, Cancers can be both dominant and submissive which makes sex with a Virgo full of vitality and variety. Since the Virgo would feel completely comfortable with the water sign, they are willing to experiment and explore their sexual selves as well as their partners. Cancer would keep the bedroom steamy with new erotic ideas while remaining sensual and connected to the sexual needs and desires of the earth sign. Virgo’s protective instinct will keep the Cancer’s desired security satisfied leading them into an affair filled with pleasure and erotic peacefulness.

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