Earth sign Virgo’s enjoy exploring the great outdoors. A partner who enjoys the same activity can easily win the earth signs heart and capture the intellects mind. If a fire sign is looking to pursue a Virgo, they must be ready to be challenged and able to keep up in the intelligent conversation because Virgos do not have time for games. Since Virgo’s have a lot of confidence ( although humble about it), fire signs are likely a match for the committed earth sign. The following explores what the two might be like in bed:

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 6.57.02 PMSagittarius: When this fire and earth sign connect they share a thirst for knowledge and adventure. The Sagittarius enjoys exploring the outdoors, as much as a Virgo, and they also bring that explorative nature into the bedroom. However, before the adventurous fire sign can find themselves in bed with a Virgo, they must earn the earth signs trust. Once the earth sign feéels comfortable and safe with a Saggitarius the two will find themselves in risqué rendezvous in and outside of the bedroom resulting to a fulfilling sex life.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 6.57.23 PMAries: This love affair will immediately have sexual sparks flying. The earth sign will try to seduce an Aries because of their strong demeanor, classy style, and good manners. Since Aries typically do not like to waste time, they will bite the bait of a Virgo’s seduction, which will lead the two in a sexually compatible love affair. The two both enjoy a good conversation, and a Virgo is allowed to be submissive to the dominant fire sign, which makes love-making a blissful experience. As long as the two communicate and maintain a physical attraction with one another, they can enjoy a long-lasting relationship.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 6.56.43 PMLeo: These two are neighboring signs, but they are different in many ways. Leo’s are egotistic, and Virgos tend to be humble. In this relationship, the Leo will outshine a Virgo but keep the earth sign due to their charisma and natural way of making their partners feel safe with them. As long as the earth sign is not too harsh on their critiques the two will find themselves in bed with Leo leading the way. The loving pair will have a satisfying sex life because Leo’s like to be pleased and Virgos enjoy satisfying their partners needs sexually.

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