Virgos are witty, adventurous, and determined. To get in bed with one they must trust their partner and be able to hold a conversation with them, as well as explore the great outdoors. The earth sign is the perfectionist of the element, so their partner must be able to stand up to them. Virgo’s also take that perfectionist characteristic into the bedroom and need a partner who will dominate them as well as have tough skin for their critiques if their partner does not satisfy them. The earth sign is said to be compatible with the other zodiacs in their element below explore what, they would be like in bed:

Krystle In BedCapricorn: These two earth signs are a match for each other. They both get the job done, and they crave trust and stability from potential partners. Virgo and Capricorn can trust each other, they are in for a successful intimate affair that will leave them both equally satisfied. Capricorns have a strong libido, and Virgo’s are submissive, their opposite approach will result in an explosive intimate experience that keeps the two connected to one another and sexually satisfied.

Krystle In BedTaurus: In this love affair the two are complete opposites, Taurus are homebodies while Virgos enjoy the great outdoors. Taurus will bring out Virgo’s ability to trust as well as romantic and sensual expressions in a Virgo. Due to the earth sign Virgo close attention to detail, a Taurus will use that to confirm safety for a Virgo to relax and enjoy a sexual exploration of sensual desires.

Krystle In BedVirgo: In the case of two Virgos thinking about being in bed with one another, it can work. The two strive for trust and respect and will deliver it to one another. In a hetero-relationship, the female is passive while the male would be aggressive, which makes any intimate encounter explosive and full of sexual energy. Since the two are analytical, the shared characteristic will be brought into the bedroom which can cause tension if the two aren’t careful with their critiques. On the contrary, as long as the two are delicate with their analysis and opinions of one another’s sexual performance, they can lead a successful sexual life. As long as their conversations are structured in a way that will make the sex better since they know each other so well from the start.

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