Virgo tends to maintain a hard demeanor. Due to their need to be perfect, the earth sing has little time for laziness and games. If a person wants to find themselves in bed with a Virgo they would need to know what they are doing, have patience, and also be willing to please as well as receive pleasure, now let’s explore what Virgos are like in bed with social and independent air signs below.


Libra-lrystleinbedLibra: The air sign Libra reigns after Virgo, and they enjoy luxury and thought-provoking individuals. Libra’s pride themselves on being the best in bed and can dominate which allows the Virgo to be their true submissive selves. However, seducing a Virgo with expensive gifts won’t be an easy way to get the earth sign in bed. A Libra will have to use their charismatic charm, and be ready to challenge the intellectual Virgo’s mind while building up a trust to ignite any sexual energy to lead the two into bed.


Aquarius-KrystleinbedAquarius: This air and earth duo are both independent signs which are at ease with a small group of friends. An Aquarius will be the one to teach a Virgo how to loosen up explore their erotic side without any inhibitions. Virgo’s are pretty humble in the romance area, and their confidence wins an Aquarius heart. However, the only thing that’ll keep the flames burning exclusively in the bedroom would be their mentality- Aquarius teachings of creativity and Virgo’s lesson of stability.


Gemini-KrystleinbedGemini: The curious and adventurous air sign will attract a Virgo due to their love of fun. In bed, a Gemini would be the dominant one, and a Virgo will passively give into their loving role of submissiveness. Since Virgo’s do not believe in one night stands, deep conversations, and exploring new avenues would keep a passionate Gemini around for the long haul. However, if the two don’t get deep enough and if the Virgo doesn’t loosen up sex would be pretty mundane in the beginning stages. Luckily for Virgo, their intelligence will keep the air sign from drifting away and curious about the earth long enough to explore Virgo’s deep passion for pleasing their partner.

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