Sen. Scott Weiner of California, passed the bill SRC-110, for intersex people -children- to choose whether or not they want their genitalia to be corrected with surgery, Tuesday, August 28, 2018.

The passing of the bill is one of the first for recognizing Intersex people, and CA is the first state to pass the bill.

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People who identify as Intersex are born with sex characteristics- genitals, gonads, and chromosome patterns- that do not resemble cisgender male and females typical bodies. ( See Intersex Fact Sheet).

Intersex people make up 1.7% of the population. The bill states in the 1950’s physicians were allowed to perform medical surgeries on infants whose genitals did not fit the norm. Intersex Krystle In Bed

Weiner and co-sponsored social justice organizations, such as interAct and Equality California, affirmed the bill to give people/youth of the intersex community a voice to decide whether or not they wanted to follow through with the ‘corrective’ procedure.

With the legislation now in place, physicians need consent from the person who is intersexual to perform a genital procedure.

According to the Huffington Post, Weiner stated the following:

“California has long been a leader for all people, and we can lead the way in supporting intersex children and their families,” Wiener said in March when he introduced the resolution. “Infants who are born healthy should not be forced into a medically unnecessary surgery, and our medical community needs to help families to take a more measured approach to surgery. Over time, as a child grows and they can make their own choices, then that is the appropriate time to discuss medical options.”

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Although the bill does not ban the surgery entirely, it helps people recognize intersex individuals as a person with a choice.

With one state in the U.S. on board to make a community of people feel equal and heard, other states are bound to follow and move forward to a future where all identities are accepted, and new studies can be conducted to give every person the respect and care they deserve and need.

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