“Touch yourself the way you would like to be touched, or how someone would want to be touched by you, if you like,” Sexologist Dr. Vixenne said in her recent Orgasmic Yoga Class (OYoga).

In Los Angeles, Ca at Pieter studio, 10 people sat comfy on mats and snuggled with their favorite blanket in a circle for a 45-minute OYoga class, facilitated by Dr. Vixenne.

What is OYoga?

OYoga is not your typical yoga that focuses on poses. Although you are allowed to do poses in OYoga, the class is predominantly guided by the consciousness of breath, movement, and sound with intentions, to lead erotic explorers into self-pleasure. For a more in-depth definition of Orgasmic Yoga, you can check out Dr. Vixennes explanation here.

How Dr. Vixenne and OYoga Became One!

Dr. V has been facilitating OYoga sessions once a month for the past 3 years. She found the practice while taking a Sexological BodyWork Training in 2013.

“During our 2 weeks in person intensive we started every day in a group of 24 people of all -ages, genders, presentations, and bodies- doing OYoga before doing other practices,” Dr. Vixenne stated, “So I kind of glommed onto this amazing practice.”

Dr. V has only held the monthly sessions at the Pieter studio for a year.

Orgasmic Yoga

Before that, the sexologist facilitated OYoga at a different location and with a different schedule such as a 6-week series ( one session per week for 6 weeks), and a 3 evening mini-series which she is thinking about carrying out again in Sacramento.

Earlier this year Dr. Vixenne has also done a collab with 3 other sexuality professionals, and they have put together a 30day OYoga video series which you can access  and practice on your own for a reasonable price Check out the trailer below:

Overall, OYoga is one of many ways a person can get deeply connected with their erotic selves. It teaches/reminds you of the way you want to be touched and how you touch others. It also helps you relax and experience pain and pleasures in your body that tend to be forgotten with everyday stresses. Taking time out for pleasure with orgasmic yoga is something I have added to my self-care list.

My Experience:

I heard about OYoga from Dr.Vixenne herself.

I decided to attend the event because I thought it was cool to incorporate orgasms with yoga since I almost always have an orgasm when I get deeply rooted in my yoga sessions. However, I was surprised that Yoga positions were not going to occur at all.

Yoga Class
My Blanket, Yoga Mat & Feather Tickler

The entire focus on the class was you (definitely a perfect way for self-care Sunday.)

During the session, you were able to escape into your self physically. The class intention was to focus on your breathing, and you can do this naked, in sexy lingerie, clothed, or wrapped in your favorite blanket/robe.

Eye-gazing is not permitted, but if you locked eyes with someone, it was meant to be polite for others to feel safe and comfortable in the intimate environment.

I wore a blindfold because I am shy and I wanted to focus entirely on me. Dr. V began the session with an introductory that went over the rules as well as a set intention so everyone could stay focus while they breathed their way into an orgasm.

She also gave a few breathing techniques for participants to keep in mind when their mind wandered off from the erotic sounds of others, music, or even their body demands.

Orgasmic Yoga

Once the session entirely began I lied on my back with my feet facing outside of the circle and the top of my head inward, and I began to take slow deep breaths.

About 5 minutes in I noticed my legs were very tingly and I wanted to stretch really bad. Since I was blindfolded, I jolted up abruptly, yet quietly not to disturb anyone else and I stretched and massaged them and lied back down.

Once I lied back down, I was turned on. At that moment, I knew that I officially awakened my erogenous zone as a Capricorn-legs. I got a little distracted and played with the idea in my head, and I heard someone slapping their body.

Getting out of my head I turned my focus back to my body, and I began to massage myself. Sadly, I lost my tickle feather in my blanket, and I was too lazy to find it so I couldn’t tickle myself, and I didn’t want to masturbate because I wanted to save my horniness for the husband, so I zen out with breathing.

I stretched, tightened, and released my legs over and over again, until I climaxed, which honestly I never thought was possible.

I covered myself in a blanket the entire session, and all I could think about is how deeply I could breathe and what areas of my body could I arouse by pure breath.

At the end I was totally relaxed I am definitely incorporating the practice into my sex life.

OYoga is everything and more. For a $20 class, I believe everyone should experience it.

It is an excellent practice for self-care as well as exploring your solo-erotic personality.  The good thing about the class is that it is a come-as-you-are scene. If you want to come in lingerie or sweats, you are welcome. What puts the cherry on top is that it is literally a judge-free zone. Everyone is there for one reason, and that is to experience a relaxing orgasm with all of their focus on themselves.

OYoga is a place to be selfish whether you have an orgasm or not if you reached the intention, you set before the session begins that is the only thing that matters in the end.

Dr. Vixenne will be holding another OYoga session similar to the one I attended October 14. The next class meeting will be an OYoga 101 session on September 16, for those who are curious, but shy to engage in the full experience.

For more information, you can check out Dr. Vixenne’s site here.

Orgasmic Yoga

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